Found Innocent by Carolyn Arnold – a Review

Found Innocent by Carolyn Arnold – a Review

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There’s one code when it comes to the wall of blue…and Madison Knight may have to cross it.

Any good cop knows you never report a brother for mishandling a case or accuse him of misconduct, but in order to find justice, Madison may not have a choice.

Lacy Rose had one goal for her twentieth birthday—to be found innocent of past sins—but her life is cut short.

When Lacy’s remains are found in a garden and the investigation becomes connected to a closed case, Madison must face her past. The lead detective on that case was Madison’s ex-fiancé. At the risk of jeopardizing departmental relationships, and churning up the attention of an old flame at the same time, Madison must push hard before the guilty are found innocent.

Found Innocent by Carolyn Arnold is the 4th book in her Madison Knight series. For those who have not read this series, Madison is a great heroine, and this series is a wonderful suspenseful crime thriller.

Madison is a detective in the major crimes division; she is an extremely tough no nonsense cop, who usually solves her cases.  Madison doesn’t care if she comes across as rude or abrupt; her main focus is finding the killer, even if she has so many obstacles along the way, including her own boss. Madison also has very little support, with a select few that she considers friends.  Beneath her tough exterior, Madison is lonely, having had two recent ruined relationships, but she does have her dog, Hershey to keep her company at nights.  🙂

Madison becomes embroiled in a strange case, that involves the apparent suicide of a young hooker, who supposedly shot herself.   When Madison investigates, she knows that not all is what it looks like.  This case has so many plots and twists, with Madison discovering another suicide case that is similar and she suspects is another related murder.  Her main suspects are a pimp, a druggie, a good Samaritan, and the list keeps getting bigger.   As is Arnold’s trademark, there are many suspects, intense action, and you truly cannot blink or you will miss another twist. 

Complicating Madison’s life is her ex comes back on the scene, as he is also a detective, and he wants her back.  Will Madison give in to her heart?

I have said this before in other reviews for this series, but Arnold does a masterful job putting the pieces together in a complex murder case. Her knowledge of how the criminal procedurals work is fantastic.  She has us unsuccessfully trying to solve this crime; as we follow Madison through every step, looking at all the clues, forensic reports, twists, suspects; but Madison is great and she will solve it.  Good thing I am not a detective. Lol

The only thing I would like to see in future books is a better support team for Madison. I’m not a Terry fan (her partner),  and the sergeant, who is her boss, is not supportive for a great cop like Madison. What makes the In Death series so great, is the support team that surrounds Eve, to help her solve the cases.  Madison Knight stands alone, which doesn’t sit well with me.  She does have a friend, who is ok, but could be even more supportive.   

Found Innocent is another gripping thriller by Arnold, with non stop action throughout.  If you love crime dramas, mysteries, and a tough female cop, this series is not to be missed

Reviewed by Barb

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9 thoughts on “Found Innocent by Carolyn Arnold – a Review

  1. thanks for this review barb. i have been reading this series and didnt know a new book was out. this is one of the few non romances that i do read. i like madison knight.

  2. Terrific review, Barb. I like this series, and can’t wait to read this book. I agree with you that poor Madison doesn’t have the support or great group of secondary characters like the In Death series. But she is good.

  3. Nice review Barb. Haven’t read this series as I’m not a crime drama fan in books. I’d rather watch crime dramas but I know someone who would enjoy this type if series so I’ll pass it on

  4. What a lovely cover! Like Fran, I thought of the In Death series that you love so much (and one that I MUST start). Madison sounds like one tough cop!

    I’m sure you’d be able to run a case with all the “experience” you’ve collected from reading this genre! 😉 I’m very certain I can handle an alligator…I’ve seen so many Gator Boy episodes! 😀

    Great review, Barb!

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