FREE SOULS (Mindjack Trilogy #3) by Susan Kaye Quinn-a review

FREE SOULS (Mindjack Trilogy #3) by Susan Kaye Quinn-a review

Free SoulsABOUT THE BOOK: When your mind is a weapon, freedom comes at a price.

The final installment of the Mindjack Trilogy is here!

Four months have passed since Kira left home to join Julian’s Jacker Freedom Alliance, but the hole in her heart still whistles empty where her boyfriend Raf used to be. She fills it with weapons training, JFA patrols, and an obsessive hunt for FBI agent Kestrel, ignoring Julian’s worries about her safety and repeated attempts to recruit her for his revolutionary chat-casts. When anti-jacker politician Vellus surrounds Jackertown with the National Guard, Kira discovers there’s more to Julian’s concerns than she knew, but she’s forced to take on a mission that neither want and that might be her last: assassinating Senator Vellus before he can snuff out Julian’s revolution and the jackers she’s come to love.


The Mindjack Trilogy and its novellas are one of my favorite YA series this past year. Susan’s take on the Urban Fantasy/Dystopian genre delves into a world of what ifs-what if our drinking supply was so polluted with poisons that the human population developed various forms of mind-reading, mind altering and mind controlling abilities. And to complicate matters, those without any special ability declare everyone with altered minds as an enemy of the state. Big Brother never looked so evil.

Susan’s final instalment in the Mindjack Trilogy-FREE SOULS (released December 14, 2012) follows our heroine Kira-a young woman with abilities that far outreach many of the mind controlling powers of most of the people on earth-as she endeavors to reveal the truth behind the missing people and the involvement of government at every level. As part of the Jacker Freedom Alliance, Kira and the others risk their lives and the lives of the people they love to stop the politicians from wiping out the entire population of mindjackers-one person at a time-only now-the politicians have found a way to attack thousands of people all at once.

FREE SOULS and the MINDJACK TRILOGY is a well written, fascinating and wonderful series by Susan Kaye Quinn. There is plenty of action and reaction, suspense, and mystery. Many of the questions from previous storylines have been answered, but it wouldn’t hurt if Susan added a couple of novellas that tie into a few more of the members of the Jacker Freedom Alliance. Resolutions surrounding previous and new loves was anticipated and I liked how Susan didn’t complicate the ‘love-triangle’ potential-Kira is finally with the man who will cherish and treasure her for the rest of their lives-I love a happily ever after.

1. Mind Games (novella)
2. Open Minds
3. Closed Minds
4. The Scribe (novella)
5. The Handler(novella)
6. Free Souls

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