Frostbitten (WOTO #10) by Kelley Armstrong – a review

Frostbitten (WOTO #10) by Kelley Armstrong-a review

FROSTBITTEN (WOTO # 10) by Kelley Armstrong

December 2012 is the tenth month in Moonlight Gleam’s Women of the Otherworld (by Kelley Armstrong) reading challenge.  Each month, participating sites post a review of the scheduled storyline.  This month’s challenge is:  FROSTBITTEN.

FROSTBITTEN is the tenth full-length storyline in Kelley Armstrong’s Women of the Otherworld series and reunites some of our favourite werewolves. Clay and Elena, with the eventual help of Antonio and Nick, are on the hunt for a couple of rogue werewolves who have been terrorizing a small Alaskan community leaving a trail of grizzly murders and missing women in their wake. As the representative for the American pack, Elena sets out to investigate the recent reports of mysterious wolf killings, but will discover that the kills are anything but natural. Leaving behind their twins with Jaime and Jeremy, Clay and Elena will have their hands full with a runaway young wolf, the Russian pack and several mutts hoping to make an impression as a new upstart pack to be feared.

Frostbitten is a storyline that uncovers a little known species of ancient shape-shifters known as the Wendigo that prefer to keep their identity a secret. The rogue mutts will force the quiet and reclusive species into the roll of protector when they discover the remains of a werewolf and the bodies of several young women. But when old memories and one-time pack members resurface from Clay’s past, Elena will find herself in the unenviable position as the bait to trap Clay and the others.

Frostbitten introduces us to several new werewolves including Noah, Reese and Morgan. Kelley will offer up a number of short stories involving the young werewolves, including the December 2012 release of Forbidden- a storyline featuring Morgan Walsh. Nick will also become the surrogate father to a couple of reluctant newcomers to the pack, and the alpha elect for the American pack will be revealed-surprising no one but Elena, herself.

Frostbitten is another wonderful and fascinating storyline in Kelley’s Women of the Otherworld series. With the introduction of three new werewolves Kelley offers up a world of possibilities for future storylines that will now, only be revealed in a series of novella and anthology type novels.

Reviewed by Sandy


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  1. Great review Sandy. I really, really need to get into this series. With every review I read of yours about an Armstrong book it makes me want to read them even more. Now if I can just find the time. Damn, may be time for an adjustment to my reading list. 😉

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