FULL BLOODED (Jessica McClain #1) by Amanda Carlson-a review

FULL BLOODED (Jessica McClain #1) by Amanda Carlson-a review

FULL BLOODED (Jessica McClain #1) by Amanda Carlson

FULL BLOODED is the first novel (September 2012 release) in Amanda Carlson’s new Jessica McClain series focusing on the life of the only female werewolf in existence. There is a pre-quel novella BLOODED (released April 2012) introducing Jessica and her pack and the stories surrounding the Cain Myth-foretelling that a female werewolf would be born as the ‘daughter of evil’. Only Jessica McClain was born to be so much more.

On her own for the past 7 years, Jessica has kept under the radar working as a PI since leaving the pack for her own protection.  With only her family and a couple friends aware of her location, Jessica will find she is all alone when her inner-wolf decides it is time to come out and the ramifications will be sensed and felt within the supernatural world, letting the ‘others’ know that she truly exists. Now she is the ultimate prize in a war between the sects.

Jessica’s existence is an anomaly.  No females were ever conceived let alone should exist, but the prophecy had foretold of a female to be born with powers that were to be feared.  The history and lore of the ‘were’ would reveal a story of a werewolf with powers so similar to Jessica’s, that even many of her own pack mates feared her presence. And now, an ancient warrior, a were of a different species, had found Jessica and their connection would throw both of them into a world of chaos and need.

Running from her own kind was only the start of Jessica’s troubles. Multiple packs with tentative treaties will declare war against each other for the right to possess and destroy the Alpha’s only daughter. Vampires, witches and a sorceress converge in a battle that will see the wolves turn against one another, a sorceress spurned, a horde of vampires following the demands of their Queen and a wolf’s mate revealed to the pack.

Full Blooded is told from the heroine’s POV, and the continuous internal battle with her wolf is both comedic and intriguing.  Amanda Carlson takes the reader into the mind of a shape-shifter as she discovers the little nuances that both separate and bind them together.  A father’s love for his only daughter and a brother’s love for his twin will ensure that Jessica is protected at all times, but sometimes love is not enough when there are more powerful players in the game. FULL BLOODED is a fantastic novel by a talented first time author.  If you are a fan of Kelley Armstrong or Patricia Briggs, you will recognize the familiar.

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Reviewed by Sandy

Copy supplied by the author.


11 thoughts on “FULL BLOODED (Jessica McClain #1) by Amanda Carlson-a review

  1. Wow, this is a fantastic review Sandy. sigh I want to read this Now. lol sigh
    I’m getting killed here with so many great books. But this new series sounds like a keeper, and it’s always best to start with the first book. Either way I will buy the book and hope I can push it to near the top. 🙂

    • I think she’s trying to do us all in Mary Ann with our tbr lists. LOL!!!! Every day it’s another author/series I’m adding to my list. The madness will never end. 😉

  2. ANOTHER wolf book?! JK!!!! When it’s well written and your review clearly describes it as such, I’m not fool enough to pass it up.

    Looking forward to it!!

  3. WOW! This sounds like my kind of book. We have the 1st female werewolf and as we know what they don’t understand they fear. So we have many trying to kill Jessica and she finds a warrior alpha! Love it.

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