GABRIEL by M A Abraham-a review

Gabriel by M. A. Abraham – a review



The Reading Cafe has decided to do a new feature, that we may post from time to time.  Below is a dual review on the novel Gabriel by new author M.A. Abraham.  We thought, we would take two different looks at the same story.  We hope you like the new feature.







GABRIEL by M. A. Abraham

Reviewed by Sandy

GABRIEL is the first book and series for new author M. A. Abraham.  As part of the Elven Chronicles, Gabriel is the introduction to a new and exciting family of Elves and Fae in the recovery phase following 500 years of war.  Hoping to gather their ‘people’ back home, Gabriel is commissioned by Elven King Daroth to locate and return the Elves who have gathered in the Hidden Valley for centuries.  But unbeknownst to him, Gabriel’s journey is more than a mission of recovery- but a mission to find his heart.

High Lord General Gabriel Eagle Talon knew that this mission was more than a search and rescue.  King Daroth had the gift of foresight, and without a doubt, he was hiding something from his friend. Knowing that the King’s true life-mate was one of the missing Elven maidens, Gabriel was willing to risk his pride for his friend.  But the cryptic signals between Gabriel’s nephew Marious and the King were exasperating-something or someone was waiting.  Hoping to end their charade, Gabriel and his warriors, set out to discover what secrets the King was hiding.

Eden is an Elven maiden, trained as a warrior but with the ability to ‘talk’ to the trees.  Her presence and nurturing gift aids with the renewal and growth of the surrounding forests and trees.  But the trees whisper of pain and sorrow, as well as warn Eden about the ongoing search for her people.  With the warning comes a revelation that her future is about to change. But Eden has always felt that something or someone was missing in her life-would the quest answer her prayers?

Eden and Gabriel are true life-mates, but neither will accept what fate has ordained.  With the knowledge that they refuse to admit to their life mate bond, Eden’s brother takes it upon himself, to assist the couple on their journey.  But a critical error in judgment forces Gabriel and Eden into a situation that ends in suffering for both.

Upon return to their homeland, Eden’s sister C’liandra is betrothed to King Daroth, and the bonding ceremony is immediate. When Eden’s great-uncle recounts the history of the family lore, it is discovered that Eden’s gift and ability to talk to the trees, as well as heal the earth, is one of the rare Tratchar. The power to aid in the renewal of life, is only half of what the fates have destined for Eden.

Gabriel is once again sent on a journey to aid the King and his reluctant mate, is sent in search of her missing extended family.  The King has a plan to reunite the reluctant lovers.  Separation for the life-mates is difficult, and Eden still refuses to accept Gabriel as her soul/her heart. Eden’s need to aid with the sick and dying trees, drains her power and energy, which leaves her emotional and exhausted.  She needs her life-mate, but by not accepting their bond, her true powers, have not manifested, and she grows weaker every day.  It Is only when she discovers another life herself, does the true meaning of family and life reveal.

Gabriel is a short story about destiny, fate, family and the power of love.  M A Abraham writes from the heart about the Elves that she has created. A long history of morals and norms are addressed, although some are reluctant for change.  The joining of two life-mates brings with it a revelation and a power  that has not been seen in centuries, and the discovery of an another will aid the Elves in ways that only multiply with each bonded pair.  I enjoyed Gabriel’s story and I have no problem recommending GABRIEL and M A Abraham’s ELVEN CHRONICLES series.

Additional comments by Barb

Since Sandy’s review is complete, and explains the premise of Gabriel, I would just like to give my overall impression of the story, as well as the writing by new author M.A. Abraham.

I have not read a many stories regarding Elves, so this was a new road for me.  M.A. Abraham takes us on a journey of a romance that was going to be a difficult path for the destined couple. The main characters and story in Gabriel were different from the usual romance, as they seemed totally incompatible to each other.  From the moment we met Eden, I liked her, but I too thought she needed to be tied down.  lol  At first, I was not crazy about Gabriel, but as time went on, I got to like him a lot.  I thought they made a great couple, and Eden was really a hoot.  But then when she came into her powers (Tratchar), she settled and became an equal life mate and partner to Gabriel.  The world created by M.A. Abraham was different, and very interesting.  I thought she created some excellent characters, and you can see future stories coming out of this first book. Marious was a fun character, and you know near to the end, he is the next book.  Then there are some other good characters that I would love to learn more of such as, Haylo and Larek, C’Liandra and King Daroth, and the new girl we have yet to meet, whom must be destined for Marious.

M.A. Abraham takes us into this world, with elves that have different and unique powers, but most importantly, she takes on journey of pure romance.  This is all about Gabriel and Eden, their romance, and their journey to discover their bond, and to save the land they live in.  M.A. Abraham is a fresh and interesting new author, with a wonderful imagination.  She gives a new meaning to romance. I enjoyed Gabriel very much.  If you love a pure romantic story, Elves, fun characters, and a fantasy world,  look no further then Gabriel.

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  1. Love this book..I have read this book so many times..and i will read it many more..thank you for wrighting this wonderful book..and i cant wait to read more and more and more from you Mary Ann..

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