Game for Trouble (Game For It #2) by Karen Erickson-a review

GAME FOR TROUBLE (Game for It #2) by Karen Erickson-a review

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ABOUT THE BOOK: Release Date October 28, 2013

He’ll play dirty to get what he wants… Willow Cavanaugh would be happy if she never saw cocky football star Nick Hamilton again. Sure, their fling was the hottest she’d had, but he’s way too much of a playboy to settle down with one woman. Plus, she’s got her heart set on a piece of real estate for her catering business—and Nick owns that property.

Nick may be at the top of his game, but all he wants is a second chance with Willow. When he offers to sell her his commercial space if she agrees to a series of dates with him, their chemistry is so scintillating that jumping back into bed seems like an inevitability. But Willow’s decided all’s fair in sex and blackmail. Little does she know, Nick’s playing to win…and she’s the prize.


REVIEW: GAME FOR TROUBLE is the second instalment in Karen Erickson’s Game For It contemporary romance series. This is Willow and Nick’s storyline. Nick is a player for the San Jose Hawks professional football team and we were first introduced to the players in Game for Marriage-book one-Jared and Sheridan’s story.

The premise of Game for Trouble follows Nick as he tries to win back Willow’s heart. Years before Nick and Willow were in a relationship when Nick abruptly ended the couple. Not knowing the ‘what or the why’, Willow has had a difficult time forgiving Nick for abandoning her. Fast forward several years later and Nick wants a second chance but Willow remembers the hurt and the pain.

The relationship between Willow and Nick begins acrimonious at best. Nick offers a deal-Willow wants something from Nick and Nick wants Willow. 8 dates and they call it even. If Willow does not want Nick after the 8 dates, he won’t bother her again. As the storyline unfolds, so too does the relationship until Nick tells her the truth about why he left years before.

The world building continues from the previous storyline in that Sheridan and Jared play a small role in this particular premise. We watch as a second chance at love is destroyed when the truth is finally revealed.

My only complaint is Willow’s almost bi-polar personality. I know I use this term in many reviews, but she pulls and pushes the man that she loves in every direction. She is aggressive and determined, which at times comes across as too strong.

Game for Trouble is another interesting and sweet romantic storyline by Karen Erickson. There is a little bit of football where we are introduced to a fellow player and publicist. It looks like Karen may be setting up for her next story. If you like an uncomplicated story about second chances, Game for Trouble is a wonderful read.

Reading Order
1. Game for Marriage
2. Game for Trouble

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