Gift Wrapped for Christmas by Mona Ingram-a review

GIFT WRAPPED FOR CHRISTMAS by Mona Ingram-a review

FROM THE AUTHOR’S WEBSITE: Maddie LaRocque loses her job two months before Christmas, but undeterred, she starts a gift wrapping business in the lobby of an historic building in downtown Calgary. When she falls into the arms of Brent, the building’s maintenance man, it looks as though Christmas might have come early. But it turns out that Brent isn’t the man she thought he was. Gift Wrapped for Christmas is a heartfelt romance about real people in real situations.


GIFT WRAPPED FOR CHRISTMAS (September 2012 release) is the perfect romantic holiday storyline for everyone looking for a HEA. And as an added bonus, Mona offers up two love stories for the price of one. And in saying that, Mona does not come out and address the leading storyline couple in the beginning, in fact, you begin to wonder who the premise is about. But in all due time, you discover that the love of your life may be standing in the same room or sitting across from you at the same table.

Two months before Christmas and Maddie LaRoque has lost her position at a Calgary accounting firm in the Drummond building. With no potential prospects on the horizon, Maddie begins to outline a plan to set up her own business in the same building where she once worked. To lease the empty storefront, Maddie must engage Chase Drummond-billionaire owner of Drummond Enterprises. And to no one’s surprise Chase is as handsome as he is rich, but Maddie is more interested in the building’s maintenance man who does something to Maddie that she hasn’t felt in a long time.

When Chase’s 10 year old niece Annie desires to be a fashion designer, we are introduced to Maddie’s BFF and roommate Lily-a fashion designer who owns her own company and a woman who will play an integral role in Chase Drummond’s life. When Lily and Chase are finally introduced, Lily is quick to point out to Maddie that she is tired of playing the beautiful arm candy to rich men trying to make an impression in the world of business. Both Maddie and Lily have suffered some amazing heartbreaks at the hands of men with whom they were in love. And the pattern seems to continue when Chase’s attraction to Lily seems to be marred by the continuous photographs of him appearing with his ‘fiance ‘ at public events.

Maddie will soon discover that the man she is drawn to is not the man she thought. And it is no surprise to Maddie when she discovers that this man appears to have difficulty in the honesty department-betrayal and heartbreak greet Maddie with every waking day. Both Lily and Maddie find themselves devastated that old habits die hard when they fall in love with men who appear to be already committed to someone else

GIFT WRAPPED FOR CHRISTMAS is a heartwarming and romantic tale about two women who have suffered betrayal and heartbreak, and who finally believe they have found the right man. Add a couple of manipulative and greedy women looking to land a billionaire of their own, and you have the ingredients for a potential cat fight, but Lily and Maddie are beyond the games, and each will chose to handle their disappointment and heartbreak they only way they can. Gift Wrapped for Christmas is a great story to curl up under a blanket with the fireplace glowing.

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  1. So Maddie’s friend, Lily, is the one who actually gets Chase to settle down? Like you’d tell me, lol! 😀 Sounds like a female-empowering theme and I’m always about that! Great review.

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