Girl of Nightmares (Anna Dressed in Blood #2) by Kendare Blake-a review

Girl of Nightmares (Anna Dressed in Blood #2) by Kendare Blake-a review

GIRL OF NIGHTMARES (Anna Dressed in Blood #2) by Kendare Blake

GIRL OF NIGHTMARES is the second storyline  (August 2012 release) in Kendare Blake’s series focusing on the ghost of a young woman murdered over 50 years ago by her witch-mother, and the gruesome and horrific revenge she metes out to anyone who enters the old Victorian home in which she still ‘resides’.

Theseus Cassio Lowood aka Cas is the 17 year old ‘ghost hunter’, a magical familial heritage from his father and witch mother, who goes in search of misbehaving ghosts and ‘kills’ them with the ‘athame’ blade, but his relationship with Anna Korlov is no longer that of hunter and prey, but of friendship and love. Along with his friends Carmel and Thomas Sabin (witch), Anna had saved their lives by destroying the mysterious flesh eating, power absorbing Obeahman. Now that Anna is missing and presumed in Hell, the GIRL OF NIGHTMARES continues approximately 6 months after ANNA DRESSED IN BLOOD left off.

Cas has been notified about mysterious ‘accidents’ all occurring in an abandoned barn in Grand Marais, Minnesota. But when the ghost hunters are attacked by the spirit in the barn, it is Anna’s voice Cas hears as the ghost laughs at their fear. Cas hesitates placing both of his friends in harm’s way. He believes he is losing his mind when things begin to show signs that Anna may still be ‘alive’. The athame calls to Cas and he admits that it feels like Anna is calling to him as well. Her spirit continues to manifest in different places and times, but Cas has no way to connect with the other side. He is risking his life with every encounter. What is Anna trying to say?

When the images of Anna become more frequent and alarming, Cas reaches out to Gideon Palmer, his father’s old mentor and Thomas makes a point to connect with voodoo grandfather Morfran. Both men of experience advise Cas it is time to quit but their messages are cryptic and reaching deaf ears. Risking his life for the memory of a dead girl is not worth dying. But when Thomas’s Aunt Riika reveals the truth behind the mystical ‘athame’ and its’ connection to Anna, it is all Cas and Thomas can do but run-something about Aunt Riika isn’t right. But the knowledge she imparts will help Thomas and Cas connect with the dead. Only what Cas discovers is something out of a nightmare and not a dream.

The trio of friends begins to crumble when Carmel realizes hunting ghosts is not on her agenda. But the down time finds Thomas searching for clues and directions to help solve the mystery surrounding Anna’s ghostly appearances. Only now Gideon appears to hold a few more clues to discovering the secret behind the power of the ‘athame’ and it is hidden within the secrets of The Order of the Biodag Dubh.

When Thomas and Cas head over to England to confront Gideon they are surprised to learn that the Order has been watching and waiting. And someone else is waiting in the wings as well. But a trek through the Suicide Forest will test everyone’s power and abilities to see if they survive. Only what greets them on the other side is far more dangerous than what they left behind. Sacrifices will be made, and with the help from an unexpected ‘friend’, Cas is able to free the ghosts from the past, but at a cost .

GIRL OF NIGHTMARES is an interesting story.-A tale of horror, ghosts and a love that can never be fulfilled. Cas takes a journey to the otherside hoping to free the young woman with whom he has fallen in love, only to learn that freedom will come at a cost. The story is a roller coaster of emotions, with some graphic violence and foul language thrown in for emphasis. The series description states for Young Adult 13 years of age and older, but personally I think a mature young adult tag line would be better.

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Reviewed by Sandy

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  1. Great review Sandy! Unique storyline….scary as Ms. Barb said. Not a novel to read just before bed I am guessing. LoL.

    Ms. Barb….I do not know if your TBR will ever be down. 🙂

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