GLIMMERS by Barbara Brooke-a review

GLIMMERS by Barbara Brooke-a review

GLIMMERS by Barbara Brooke

GLIMMERS is the first novel (March 2012 release) in a new series by Barbara Brooke. Written in the paranormal genre, GLIMMERS follows Paige as she struggles with her new found ability to read memories from the past.

Paige is married, the mother of 2 and living a normal life in the suburbs. Her weakness for consignment goods (ala 1980’s ankle boots) will find her locked into the memory of a young woman experiencing her first love and loss, and the heartbreak of knowing she wasn’t good enough. As the previous owner of the books, Delilah’s memories will take Paige through the summer of 1988, working at a resort lodge, where she meets William, the son of a DC politician and socialite mother. But by the time summer vacation is drawing to a close, Delilah knows that there will be no future with William and embarks on a heartbreaking series of events to ensure that William is no longer a part of her life.

Paige has no explanation for her sudden ability to experience the memories of someone else. And the most confusing side-effect, Paige is now able to cook like a gourmet chef!!!! Didn’t Delilah have hopes and dreams of one day opening a French style restaurant? Not realizing why or how this has occurred, she tries to proceed as usual but the vivid memories continue to haunt. When she finally confesses to her husband Elliot, he is concerned that perhaps his wife is ill, but her determination to prove that Delilah exists will take both she and Elliot on a surfing safari through the internet-but with no luck.

Hailey is Paige’s younger sister. About to marry Derek, Paige has agreed to help Hailey, including picking up her engagement ring from the jewelers. And yes, you guessed it, Paige is pulled in to her sister’s memories, but what Paige finds is nothing that she could have imagined. And it will take Paige and her mother, Elliot, Hailey and someone from Hailey’s memories to ensure that Hailey’s ‘happily ever after’ will take place with the right man.

Her continued ventures into the past has Paige anxious and worried. Elliot has considered both emotional stress and a possible brain tumor, but Paige is determined to prove that she has come into some ‘super powers’ as she has now named her ability. And her mother’s visit will bring everything into focus. With each travel back in time, her focus becomes clearer, her vision opens. And it is the memories attached to her great grandmother’s cameo earrings that will push Paige to help Hailey make the most important decision of her life. And like the memories from the past, real life will come full circle and Paige will finally have the chance to meet the woman who experienced her first love in the summer of 1988.

GLIMMERS is a wonderful story, written in first person POV, without foul language, graphic sex and violence, or confusing plotlines. The premise is interesting and thorough, not original in its’ concept, but well worth the read. I am looking forward to BEYOND GLIMMERS. I have no problem recommending this book. A great start for Barbara Brooke

reviewed by Sandy


11 thoughts on “GLIMMERS by Barbara Brooke-a review

  1. Excellent review, Sandy. A different type of book, and a different type of power, that makes for an interesting story. The fact that you like it, I will have to add this to my tbr.

  2. WOW….that is all I can say. This book sounds surreal and a guarantee to let you in on an emotional roller coaster….I meant that in a good way…I like books that draws strong emotions out of you. I totally need to try this one.

  3. Yes great review Sandy : Love that you were excited about this book and like Barb said different book , different power sound like a really great read .And something i will have to try myself .

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