GUARDIAN’S HOPE (Guardians of the Race 2) by Jacqueline Rhoades-a review

GUARDIAN’S HOPE (Guardians of the Race #2) by Jacqueline Rhoades-a review

GUARDIAN’S HOPE (Guardians of the Race #2) by Jacqueline Rhoades

GUARDIAN’S HOPE is the second novel (May 2012 release) in Jacqueline Rhoades Guardians of the Race series.

Hope Parsons is a woman lost. Raised in a religious community by her abusive father, Hope moved away hoping to locate her missing sister and start a new life free of her father’s control. But finding her temporary home destroyed and her landlord murdered, Hope knows two things–Her sister Faith is still missing and the creatures who destroyed her home were not human. And the only thing missing from the home is her mother’s ceremonial dagger known as an athame. Searching the seedy underground nightclubs and bars, Hope finds herself dragged into a world she knew nothing about. But finding herself drunk and staring into the eyes of a handsome stranger in the House of the Guardians, Hope knows it could more than the athame that is missing-but her sanity as well.

Nico is a Guardian. The Guardians are of the Race, with superior strength and speed, descended from Gabriel who live on earth to protect the humans and guard the portal, ensuring the demons do not cross the barrier. But Nico has always believed he is different-unwanted and unwelcome. Serving within a different House every 3 years, Nico bides his time until he must move on. But something about Hope Parsons forces Nico to look back on his life as a Guardian and what it truly means to be accepted into a family.

As the story progresses, Hope learns that she is a Daughter of Man, a descendant of the one of the originals and it will take Manon and Grace to show her what is means. Yet to come into her full power Hope continues to search for her sister, but must now follow the dictates of Caanan and the other Guardians. But it is Nico who will confuse and tug at Hope’s heart. Nico refuses to allow anyone to get close due to his history, and when he finds himself confessing his ‘sins’ to the beautiful woman, it will take all of his strength not to turn and run for the very last time.

Once again, there is plenty of light-hearted humor and passages involving Dov and Col. Like puppies in a room full of little children, Dov and Col entertain the Guardians as well as the reader. It will take 2 equally funny and patient women to tame the brothers from their mischievous antics but 2 women that will have enough love and understanding to calm the beasts within.

Tynan and his demon hordes continue to control the drug trafficking and prostitution trade throughout the city. With the Guardians quickly closing in, Tyn finds it necessary to dispose of the women’s bodies he once used for feeding. But his prized possession named Beauty is beginning to displease him, and it is Beauty who no longer is able to distinguish between the reality and the nightmare that is now choking her life. And with every body that is disposed, Beauty will leave a message hoping that one day, someone will know that she is still alive.

GUARDIAN’S HOPE is a fantastic second storyline in Jacqueline Rhoades Guardians of the Race series. Jacqueline is an indie author who has written a remarkable series that I hope will continue for a long time. I am looking forward to Jacqueline’s next installment-GUARDIAN’S JOY 🙂

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