HEART MATE (Celta’s Heartmates #1 ) by Robin D Owens-a review

HEART MATE (Celta’s Heartmates #1) by Robin D Owens-a review

HEART MATE (Celta’s Heartmates #1) by Robin D. Owens

HEART MATE is the first storyline in Robin D Owens’ Celta’s Heart Mates series. A fantasy romance novel, Heart Mate is the story of two people, each with a past filled with sorrow and pain, and a loneliness that threatens to engulf their being.

Background: Celta is a planet colonized by the people of Earth over 400 years ago. The people of Celta have magical powers known as Flairs and psychic ability is the norm. The political structure includes the 13 Greathouses and the colony First Families. A society and culture based on magical spells, Divination (foretelling) dice and cards, life Passages, animal familiars and a belief that each man and woman will find their Heart Mate-their one true love.

Rand T’Ash is 37 years old, a Greatlord, Nobleman and member of the Noble Council, Stonemaster, gem caller and the sole surviving member of the Ash Grand Family. As a Noble he is respected, but he is also feared for the ‘berserker savagery’ and the murder of the people who destroyed his family and his home when he was only 6 years old. Rand T’Ash knows he will find his Heart Mate this night, but will she accept the HeartGift he crafted during his last Passage almost 20 years earlier. But growing up in the Downwind ghettos of Druida have pummeled his self-esteem and with that the knowledge that he was never properly raised in the art or procedures of courting.

Danith Mallow is a bookkeeper, with little Flair who regularly shops at T’Ash Phoenix-a high end, upscale jewelry store where the pieces magically call to her. But this evening one piece in particular grabs her attention. Believing the necklace has been charmed, Danith runs from the shop to find that intentions of the shop owner are beyond her beliefs. When a mysterious stranger is found in her home bearing the necklace, she is once again drawn to its’ powers. But the necklace had been stolen and someone from T’Ash’s past has made his presence once again known.

Throughout the story Rand T’Ash will struggle in his attempts to convince Danith that they are Heart Mates. She is a non-believer in the lure of a Heart Mate and continues to refuse T’Ash’s gifts of jewels and flowers. At times the number of gifts becomes humorous especially when Princess aka Pansy, Danith’s cat struts through the house bedecked in all of the jewels including earrings and chains. Rand’s Fam Zanth is an overgrown house cat who is both companion and conscience for a man troubled by his past and continues to play match maker whenever he can. And it is Zanth’s presence that soothes Rand whenever his inner beast wants lose.

There are several storylines that coalesce and merge. Danith’s discovery of her Flair and affinity to animals: Rand’s friendship with the Holly Family and his honor to pay back a debt: the gang-style slayings and attacks against Rand, the Holly Family and his Fam: Danith’s friendship and falling-out with the Clover family: and of course, Rand’s sad albeit humorous attempts to woo and court Danith. Zanth’s demands for an emerald collar will remind everyone of a spoiled child.

HEART MATE is a fantasy of fairy tales and the HEA. To be honest, I do not know WHAT the people of Celta are, but for the sake of the storyline, they are Celtans with magical powers and the ability to teleport and speak telepathically. As I read I thought Fae or Elves, but they are what they are –characters from the imagination of Robin D Owens. A heart-warming storyline, that at times I had to reign in a few tears especially when Rand T’Ash admitted he was lost, a strong and powerful man lost in the knowledge that he had been rejected by the one person who could save his soul. These storylines get me every time.

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Reviewed by Sandy


16 thoughts on “HEART MATE (Celta’s Heartmates #1 ) by Robin D Owens-a review

  1. Excellent review, Sandy. I love Robin, she is an excellent writer. Love the Celta series, and her Fam cats, and the other Fam animals, and her romance stories are great. I read her other series also, The Summoning, which I will post later in the week, is super.

  2. Great review Sandy. Sounds like an interesting series, not sure it’s up my alley but interesting none the less. I shall put it on my ‘books to check out’ list. Maybe with a little more research of this author and series I may become more intrigued. 😉

  3. Great review Sandy… been reading this series for years and have enjoyed it. I won’t say I caught it right at the beginning (I read 6 back to back to catch up) but they are enjoyable. Especially love the bunnies… 😀

    • Thank you Robin for a great series. Barb had recommended the Heart Mate series, but I was so backed up with review requests that I had put the books to my TBR pile…but now, I am glad I had started to read the series. Rand T’Ash’s story broke my heart. I love stories where the hero is in pain and must be rescued by his one and only. Congratulations on a wonderful series.

  4. Thanks, Sandy and Barb. I think the hero that really broke my heart was Straif Blackthorn in Heart Choice, there was a scene that just ripped out of me and I’m still not sure where it came from. So, that book has a bit more angst than normal…but also the Queen of the Universe Fam, Drina, and Vinni T’Vine has some memorable moments. 🙂

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