Heart of Eternity by N. Jay-a review

HEART OF ETERNITY by N. Jay-a review

Heart of Eternity

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ABOUT THE BOOK: Release Date January 15, 2014

When you are invited to dance with the muse of love, when you are driven to the edge by the pain of the past, when you hold the remedy for what ails you in your arms you will find yourself in the heart of eternity.

Set in the Blue Mountain’s town of Blackheath in New South Wales, Australia, the novel Heart of Eternity introduces two very different characters, Jay and Naida, who encounter each other at a challenging time in each of their lives. Their individual expressions of the feelings they provoke in each other give rise to a turmoil that could ultimately claim their lives. When two people understand so deeply the pain each other has faced will it force them into the abyss of darkness or will their combined need for healing allow love to enter both their hearts?


REVIEW: HEART OF ETERNITY is a paranormal storyline by N. Jay that takes a philosophical look at life, death, faith and hope. Told from two close third person POVs, the premise follows Naida as she embarks on a spiritual journey that will see her look within herself to follow the path to self actualization and healing; and Jay-the ultimate bad boy whose darkness pushes him into a path of torment, sacrifice and destruction.

Naida is a twenty one year old who has been diagnosed with cancer. Refusing all standard scientific and medical treatment, she will seek and find guidance from her uncle- a spiritual leader whose methods will focus on the light within. As Naida looks deep within her soul, she will discover a darkness that pulls her towards a man whose own soul is quite possibly –beyond repair. As a natural healer, Naida is drawn to Jay; her light to his dark; her positive to his negative.

HEART OF ETERNITY is an infinitely detailed, descriptive and imaginative narrative, and a contemplative look at spirituality that pulls some of its’ theory from the Ancient mythologies. It is a story of love and sacrifice where one man will sacrifice everything to save the woman with whom he has fallen in love-and in doing so will live on in eternity as a part of the whole. It is a story where one woman will find peace from within; a healing of the body, mind and soul; but everything will come with a price.

Many have described HEART OF ETERNITY as a romantic tale but there is no romance to be had. This is a story of love, at the deepest core of one’s soul; and a love that will continue on longer after one’s death.

N. Jay uses the written word like a paint brush of the mind. The motion and movement of the story compels the reader forward into a world where the metaphysical meets reality; where transcendence and perception is of two minds; and where a philosophical journey will end when two souls have merged.

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