HEART OF THE WARRIOR (AKM 2) by Donya Lynne-a new release review

HEART OF THE WARRIOR (AKM 2) by Donya Lynne-a new release review


HEART OF THE WARRIOR is the second novel (released May 25, 2012) in Donya Lynne’s All The King’s Men paranormal vampire series. This particular storyline features a M/M relationship between two AKM warriors Severin and Arion. Sev has known that Ari would one day be his mate, but it will be Ari’s need for acceptance by his family that will force the newly mated couple into a world that neither one expected. Contains some BDSM, M/M scenes.  Adult content.

Sev and Ari’s relationship turned personal between the pages of Donya’s Rise of the Fallen. There is an attraction between Ari and Sev that is hard to deny. But the author has added a twist when a vampire finds his mate he will enter the CALLING-a need so great, that separation and rejection is both physically and emotionally painful. And over the course of the new-found bonding, separation is inevitable when one warrior is too frightened to come out or acknowledge his feelings in public.

Sev’s relationship with his mother is close. As a single parent raising a hybrid vampire Sev’a mother has known pain and sorrow. And it is the story of his conception that has hurt Sev the most, knowing how his mother has suffered at the hands of an attacking vampire. But Sev has a secret that he and his mother share and one that could ultimately end his career. As a vampire/dreck hybrid Sev knows that if his true heritage were revealed rejection from the force would be the least of his worries. Finally finding a mate and losing him to the knowledge that he was not willing to admit the truth about himself will cause both men to enter the SUFFERING and the pain will be shared by everyone-involved.

Arion’s family is connected, but their prejudices and bigotry have always been difficult for Ari. Although he tried to enjoy the pleasures of women, he was never willing to admit that he felt nothing. And there was also his best friend Io, who held to the same beliefs and bigotries as his parents. Knowing that his relationship with Sev could mean the end to all that he has known was something that Ari needed to consider before admitting that Sev was his mate.

But Sev’s past will soon catch up. Lakota Bannon-his father wants a reunion with both he and his mother. And as a former agent for the Department of Vampire Dreck Affairs, Severin was involved in an undercover operation that ended fatally for Sev’s former lover. And to complicated matters, Gabriel’s sister Gina has made it her mission to see that all the agents involved would die just like her brother. The drecks are trafficking cobalt, making addicts of the rich and famous vampires, and two of Sev and Ari’s fellow warriors will find themselves facing more than an angry vampire or two.

Heart of the Warrior and the author Donya Lynne will focus on many of the different aspects of a same sex relationship. Donya treats the relationship with respect and the sexual encounters are romantic, loving and hot. Like many same sex couples, Sev and Ari will face rejection from friends and family, but in the end, the love and support from others, will be the ultimate show of approval and acceptance. There are many moments that will cause a tear or two to fall, some will require a tissue and others will make you think-what if?? Heart of the Warrior is a romantic story about two people who will overcome the odds and find love, when so many others have not.

REMINDER: Donya is offering ONE e-copy of either RISE OF THE FALLEN or HEART OF THE WARRIOR to one eligible Reading Cafe member.

Reviewed by Sandy


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