He’s A Magic Man (Children of Merlin #2) by Susan Squires-a review

He’s A Magic Man (Children of Merlin #2) by Susan Squires-a review

HE’S A MAGIC MAN (Children of Merlin #2) by Susan Squires

HE’S A MAGIC MAN is the second novel (September 2012 release) in Susan Squires’ Children of Merlin series relating magic and power to the descendants of Merlin-the Tremaine family. The belief that each descendant would come into their power and magic, when they meet the one person (true mate) that will unlock their destiny, is the premise behind the Children of Merlin.

Drew Tremaine had hoped that she found the one to unlock her magic but finding out that he had a bevy of woman at his beck and call more than proved that he was not the one. But watching an episode of ‘Treasure Hunters’ Drew found herself inexplicably drawn to a man in the background of the show. Could this man be her destiny? The one? And with the questions came a vision of the future that found Drew somewhere in the Florida Keys. But she had to be careful if her family discovered that she was heading to the Sunshine state alone, looking for a stranger that she knew nothing about.

Michaelangelo (Dowser) Redmond was getting drunk and needed to stay numb to forget the past. And when a beautiful woman came looking for him in the sleaziest bar in town, he knew there would be trouble. But he never expected to find himself tied to his own bed while Drew Tremaine played nursemaid to his hangover and detox DTs. A former Delta Forcer Operator, Michael could not believe his reaction to Drew or the sexual chemistry that came between.

Dowser was psychic and has a special ability that meant he could be the ‘one’ for Drew. But Dowser’s revelations about his past dampened Drew’s excitement when she learned there was someone else.

Dowser’s latest job involved a treasure hunter named Brandon St. Claire and his girlfriend Rhiannon, and he wanted Drew along for the ride. Finding the Santa Angela would ensure a healthy pay day for Dowser, and using his psychic powers to ‘find’ made the job that much more easy. But Brandon St. Claire wanted Dowser to find something more and when he did, they promised to bring someone back from his past- a promise that he didn’t know if they could keep.

Drew and Michaels’s relationship is difficult at the start. Believing Michael is her destiny, Drew continues to nurse Michael back to health following their run-in at the bar. But as the days go by, the sexual tension increases and neither is willing to admit to their desire. And Michael is having difficulty releasing the memories from his past. And the longer the two are together, the more powerful their magic becomes.

Throughout the novel we are aware of a secondary storyline regarding a search for a talisman-a mystical sword. And Drew’s visions were some how connected. With the continuing threat against her family and the Children of Merlin mystery, there were others  hoping to use the power for themselves and Drew’s escape to the Florida Keys had put her in more danger than she had ever thought possible and the very real possibility that she would lose Michael forever. And the entire Tremaine family was now in danger, when Michael revealed the truth behind Drew’s connection and the sword.

HE’S A MAGIC MAN is another fantastic addition to Susan Squires’ Children of Merlin series. Well written, fast paced, action packed and at times a heart breaking storyline that had me dabbing a few tears. The character development flowed easily throughout the story and in the end you loved the Tremaine’s as though they were your own family.

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  1. Hey Sandy, nice interview and thanks for the tip of another author. I love magic and anything magical based. I shall definitely be putting this on my tbr list.

  2. Great review Sandy. This sounds like a wonderful series. I remember when you posted a review for DO YOU BELIEVE IN MAGIC. Two books in a short period of time. Good to know,keeps the reader’s interested as well.

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