Highland Escape by Cathy & DD MacRae-a review

HIGHLAND ESCAPE by Cathy MacRae and D.D. MacRae-a review

Highland Escape

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ABOUT THE BOOK: Release Date May 9, 2015

Fleeing the English army that murdered her family before her eyes, Anna Braxton rescues two young women, kidnapped by a barbaric Highland clan only to find herself unjustly imprisoned by the clan she aided. Disgusted by her treatment, she counters their belated offer of friendship with anger and distrust. But she does not count on the unexpected effect the laird’s son has on her heart.

Duncan MacGregor does not understand his da’s command to imprison the young woman who saved his sister’s life. He is more than intrigued with Anna’s skill with a bow and sword—in fact, he is fascinated by everything about her, in spite of her lack of feminine wiles. Straightforward and with a deep-seated sense of honor, Anna Braxton disrupts his entire notion of a suitable woman.

Trained as a warrior and unwilling to be any man’s chattel, Anna shuns the idea of marriage—until Duncan coaxes her into a world of acceptance and passion she never knew existed. He wants her as his wife. She will agree, but only on her own terms—conditions Duncan is not sure he can accept.


REVIEW: HIGHLAND ESCAPE is an historical, Highlander storyline that follows Lady Anna Braxton –of both English and Scottish descent- who must flee to Scotland following the murder of her father and brother Edrick at the hands of the English army. What ensues is the capture of Anna by the MacGregor Clan and the potential for disaster when Anna attempts an escape from the prison in which she is being held. Anna’s only sin was to save two young women from potential assault-not knowing one was the Laird’s daughter. The Laird is determined to protect Anna from those wishing to do her harm by placing her in the care of his eldest son. Not only is the MacNairn Clan looking for Anna but some of the Laird’s men are not too happy with the Clan’s latest English acquisition.

Anna Braxton is not the typical fifteenth century female heroine: she has been trained in the Chinese martial arts; sword and knife fighting; hand to hand combat; and the healing herbs; in this, she is a force unto herself. But Anna has caught the eye of the Laird’s son-Duncan MacGregor-and a relationship builds as Anna attempts to find a place within the MacGregor family dynamic. Duncan MacGregor fell in love the moment he set eyes on Anna Braxton but the beautiful English/Scottish Lady was not what he had expected. Jealousy threatens his relationship when he is unable to come to terms with Anna’s independent nature, and the hand to hand combat training she does with the other men.

The relationship between Duncan and Anna begins acrimoniously although Anna is not aware of Duncan’s attraction, to her. She believes she is being held prisoner because of her English descent, and expects to be sentenced to death for crimes against the Scottish people. When Duncan’s well meaning sister Nessa, and mother Mairi take Anna under their wing, the truth about Duncan’s attraction to Anna will be revealed.

HIGHLAND ESCAPE is a storyline with a large ensemble cast of secondary and supporting characters including the MacGregor family, the Clan, and the people in the surrounding village. We will be introduced to Anna’s only remaining family, an uncle and her Grandfather Elliott, but in this, we learn very little about Anna’s early years with her father and brother. I would have liked more background information about Anna’s history and the family in which she grew up.

HIGHLAND ESCAPE is an engaging storyline; a fast paced, lively and enjoyable read with an independent, strong willed, inspiring heroine, and a swoon worthy hero who has eyes only for the Lady Braxton. The $ex scenes are seductive, sensual and romantic but limited in number as Duncan hopes to keep his bride-to-be chaste in advance of their wedding night. The premise is imaginative; the characters a unique mix of amusing, evil, and tragic; the romance intimate and heartwarming. My one complaint is the ending which appears to be a rush to the altar and a happily ever that we know nothing about. There is a potential story building for Duncan’s sister Nessa, and I hope that Duncan and Anna’s story will continue to unfold in a future tale. There is also an addendum that references some factual history that has been blended throughout the novel.

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Reviewed by Sandy


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