Highlander’s Ransom by Dawn Annis-a review

HIGHLANDER’S RANSOM by Dawn Annis-a review

Highlander's Ransom

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ABOUT THE BOOK: Release Date September 3, 2014

Shane MacGregor, newly named laird of Clan MacGregor, is determined to prove himself. He has inherited a clan on the brink of ruin. Shane wants to see justice done against the hated Colquhouns, the cause of the MacGregor’s dispute with the king.

Lady Colquhoun’s marital problems are unexpectedly solved with her husband’s death. Her years of humiliation and loneliness are behind her. Her hopes and plans for the future are quickly destroyed when her husband’s brother stakes his claim against her inheritance. Her troubles continue to mount when she is kidnapped for ransom and retribution by the MacGregor clan! A ransom she knows will never be paid.

Faced with poverty and ruin, Shane feels he must marry another to further his goals for a strong and lasting clan. But he can’t seem to halt his developing feelings toward this enigmatic beauty.


REVIEW: HIGHLANDER’S RANSOM is an historical romance storyline from first time author Dawn Annis. The premise focuses on Clan MacGregor’s new laird Shane MacGregor and Lady Kate Colquhoun.

As the blurb states, Clan MacGregor is on the brink of ruin. A twenty year war with Clan Campbell has resulted in near starvation, poverty and too many deaths. With his father dying as a result of the most recent attack, Shane must devise a plan for a quick infusion of cash or fears a revolt. What Shane didn’t expect was that his best friend Iain would set out on his own adventure only to return with a hostage connected to England’s King James I. Enter Lady Kate Colquhoun- a woman whose abusive husband has died leaving behind nothing but debt and ruin for Lady Kate.

The storyline follows Kate’s integration into Clan MacGregor. While Shane ventures off to find Kate’s husband and demand a ransom, Kate begins to nurse the ailing elder Laird MacGregor. Upon his return Shane finds himself pulled towards the beautiful English widow realizing that there is no one who will be paying any ransom or enacting a revenge. Hoping for assistance from the neighboring Clan MacDonald, Shane will once again set out knowing that he may have to take a bride-not of his choosing.

The relationship between Kate and Shane is slow to develop as Shane is on a mission to help his Clan, and thusly absent from his people and Kate for a portion of the story. The lack of relationship development and face time between the leading characters was slightly disappointing. It is only when Shane returns from England does he discover his feelings for the woman who is, in essence, a prisoner in his home.

The secondary characters include many of Clan MacGregor’s people and staff; Kate’s extended family, and the people who have turned their backs against a woman who is trying to survive. With the introduction of a number of characters, there is the possibility of several more storylines. The MacGregor Clan was quick to accept Kate and her people, which during the English/Scottish uprisings, would probably not have happened.

Overall, HIGHLANDER’S RANSOM is pleasant but predictable read. There is some history revealed about Kate’s past that changes her status and acknowledges the purpose of a few other characters. The Scottish countryside plays a prominent role in many scenes giving the storyline a breath of fresh air.

If you like your Highlander storylines with a little romance, a little sex and a little bit of history than Highlander’s Ransom is the read for you.

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Reviewed by Sandy

about the author

Dawn AnnisA Colorado native, I live with my husband and soul mate, Scott along with our wicked smart son, Nick. They are my strength, my inspiration and always offer comedic relief.I love taking walks around the lake or climbing the hills with my husband. We get out as often as we can but truly not as often as we should. I can sit and watch the birds in the bird bath outside my window for hours and have been known to name a few. Jack and Jenny Wren are my favorites. My flower and herb gardens are a passion. As my husband says ‘Put Dawn in the garden, up to her elbows in rich dirt and she blooms’.

When the snow flies, I can be found in a comfy chair by the fireplace with book in hand. I love to read. All sorts of authors and genres.

But my true calling is writing. Writing is food for my soul. The stories run through my head day and night, much to the chagrin of my husband when I am fumbling around in the dark because I have had a simply brilliant idea and must get it down on paper as I won’t remember it in the morning. I love words. Always have. Worlds can be created with words. Relationships can be built with words. A child’s tears can be dried with words. And a gut clutching, gonna pee your pants, tears rolling down your face, belly laugh can be started with words

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