HIS DARK EMBRACE by Amanda Ashley-a new release review

HIS DARK EMBRACE by Amanda Ashley- a new release review

HIS DARK EMBRACE by Amanda Ashley

HIS DARK EMBRACE is the June 5, 2012 latest release in Amanda Ashley’s Vampire series of novels. Amanda (aka Madeline Baker) is one of the most prolific writers of paranormal and romance novels, and His Dark Embrace is the latest in a series of sexy vampires.

Kaiden Thorne is over 400 years old, a master vampire and has been in love with his neighbor’s granddaughter since she was a small child. In the beginning, Kaiden thought only to protect the young child, as requested by her grandfather, but as the girl grew into a young woman, Kaiden’s desires and feelings changed. When Skylynn moved to Chicago and married, Kaiden left town, only to return on the occasion when it was necessary to seek out the old man across the street.

Skylynn (Sky Blue) had always known she was in love with the mysterious Kaiden Thorne. As a young girl, she dreamed that one day she would marry and raise a family with Kaiden, but their age difference would be a problem. After a failed marriage, her brother Sam missing in Afghanistan, and now the death of her grandfather, going home to Vista Verde, California was difficult. Would Kaiden still live across the street and would he remember Skylynn?

As the story progresses, it becomes apparent that there is a mutual attraction between Skylynn and Kaiden, but Kaiden needs something of her grandfather’s. Hoping the old man had written the secrets to his many experiments, Kaiden and Skylynn search through her grandfather’s vast collection of journals and books, but the only clue is an old notebook with torn and missing pages. Without the information, Kaiden is doomed to return to a life of darkness and blood.

Desmarais is a vampire hunter and his target is Kaiden. Seeking revenge for the death of his wife, Desmarais has tracked his wife’s killer to the town of Vista Verde-the same town where the old man with his ‘life-altering’ experiments has recently died. Hoping to recover the secrets, Desmarais is unable to find the journals, but discovers that Kaiden is involved with the old man’s granddaughter and that would alter the stakes for revenge. Skylynn was now on the vampire hunter’s list of intended victims. When Desmarais is approached by an ancient vampire, more powerful than Kaiden, the true nature of the vampire will be revealed to the once proud vampire hunter. And it is with his new-found powers, that Desmarais is willing to risk everything to avenge the death of his wife.

The relationship between Skylynn and Kaiden progresses, but the revelation that the man she has loved all of her life is not human, sends Skylynn back to Chicago searching for answers. Adding another detail into the storyline, Skylynn’s brother Sam returns from the Middle East suffering amnesia. But it is Sam who will once again fall prey at the hands of monsters.

His Dark Embrace is a romantic paranormal novel with an interesting HEA. Amanda Ashley has written a story about love, death, betrayal and revenge, without the use of foul language, graphic sex or scenes of violence and death. A refreshing look at a love story involving two people who have always loved the other without the angst of playing hard to get or pushing away the one that you love. Another wonderful read from the desk of Amanda Ashley.

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  1. I have been away for too long….

    Great review Sandy! I do not read much Paranormal romance, especially vampires since they are so overdone….but I always enjoy reading your thoughts on the novels you read. Your words portray the depth of your enjoyment for this book. Thanks for sharing them.

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