HOW TO DRIVE A DRAGON CRAZY (Dragon Kin #6) by G.A.Aiken -a review

HOW TO DRIVE A DRAGON CRAZY (Dragon Kin #6) by G.A.Aiken -a review

HOW TO DRIVE A DRAGON CRAZY (Dragonkin #6) by G. A. Aiken

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HOW TO DRIVE A DRAGON CRAZY is the 6th full length novel in G. A. Aiken’s Dragon kin series. Many fans of the series have been waiting for this particular storyline for a long time surrounding Izzy and Eibhear, but the author made sure that ten years has past since the last storyline, allowing for the teenaged human Izzy to develop and mature into a young woman. No longer the young 16 year old step-daughter of Briec, Izzy is approaching her 30th winter and ‘by the gods’ Eibhear is ready to claim what he has know to be his all along.

For the past 10 years Eibhear has been stationed and fighting with one of the fiercest and most despised battalions in the Queen’s army. His latest assignment was to bring Izzy home, but he hadn’t seen his ‘niece’ in over a decade. Hoping that she has forgiven him for sins of the past, Eibhear has never stopped longing for the only woman who would one day be his mate. But bringing Izzy back to the family would only present itself with many unanswered questions for both.

Izzy and Eibhear were first introduced to each other in G A Aiken’s second Dragon Kin novel About a Dragon. As the human daughter of a Nolwenn witch, Izzy had always believed she was without the power of her mother’s people, but when circumstances presented themselves, Izzy knew that her only recourse was to travel the distance to meet the grandmother she has always despised. But what and whom she found would bring sorrow and tears to a woman who had not grieved the loss of her first love.

G A Aiken has blended all of the previous storyline’s main characters including the now 16 year old twins of Annwyl and Fearghus, as well as Talaith and Briec’s powerful young daughter Rhiannwen, into this particular novel.  As the storyline progresses we are privy to the little nuances that separate the young teens from their family. Unlike any other children born, this trio will be a force never before seen.

The relationship between Izzy and Eibhear continues to be sarcastic, full of innuendo and on the surface one that is barely tolerated. But deep down, the separation of the two has only made the inevitable more pronounced. Izzy has always known that Eibhear was the only dragon and male for her. And while she and her cousin Brannie continue to make a mockery of their ‘uncle and niece’ relationship, it is obviously apparent that EVERYONE else is well aware that these two people have always belonged together.

The consummation of the relationship is anti-climactic (comparatively) since this has been one of the most anticipated storylines of the series. I had hoped for something ‘more’ but was actually disappointed – the love/sex scenes seemed rushed as though –“well, we did it, now what?” There was always an attack or emergency every time Izzy and Eibhear got together. Even when Eibhear comes to ‘claim’ and mark Izzy as his own there was no struggle or affirmations of love similar to the other storylines. But I digress, the storyline does explain why, yet it felt like an excuse to skip over the scene.

Overall, I enjoyed HOW TO DRIVE A DRAGON CRAZY. Some questions about Talon, Talwyn and Rhiannwen were answered, but many questions have yet to be addressed, which leaves plenty of storyline for upcoming novels. There is a surprise ending as well, that leads me to hope that one of my favorite couples may one day start a family of their own.

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Reviewed by Sandy


19 thoughts on “HOW TO DRIVE A DRAGON CRAZY (Dragon Kin #6) by G.A.Aiken -a review

  1. Great review Sandy!! And, I felt the same way about the way their relationship was consummated. I was like………. Really? That’s it?? And I so loved getting to know about the twins and Rhi. I can’t wait for them to have their own stories, of course, when they are old enough!!

    Who do you think will get the next book??

  2. Sandy, great job. I enjoyed Izzy and Eib story and I thought since that’s all the two did was fight that their mating was cute. Eib wanting to fight to claim Izzy and she just says I’m going to get naked. lol

    Annwyl hitting the witch in the face and the queens’s perfect landing on something sticky? PRICELESS!

    Love Frederick and I hope we see him grow up and get his on story.

  3. Great and honest review, Sandy. You were building me up with anticipation for their coming together, I’ve yet to BEGIN this series :(, but then meh? Bummer. While I was devouring your review, I kept likening the situation to Gregori and Savannah, Hawk and the gal from the Psy-Changeling series (can you tell I haven’t finished THAT series?) and then to read it felt more like “What now?”. Yikes.

    I’m not deterred in the least and that’s a testament to YOUR feelings on the series and author in general. Looking forward to it!!!

  4. Great review Sandy, I have this series down on my list. You know how I love me some dragons. Now if only time would stand still long enough for me to catch up on my list that would be great. Sandy, maybe in between all your reading, can you learn to stop time for us. 😉 LOL!!!! It would be a great help for us in getting through out tbr lists. ;-p

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