HUMAN ERROR (WOTL) by Eileen Wilks-a review

HUMAN ERROR by Eileen Wilks- a review

Human Error is the 6th novella and 14th storyline in Eileen Wilks “Lupi” series which can be found in the December 2011 anthology Tied With a Bow.
Dragons, demons, witches, skinwalkers, lupin and gnomes are only a few of the supernatural beings, added to the list of potential enemies and friend.

Arjennie Delacroix, from a family of Wiccan, and Benedict, her lupin mate return home for the celebration of Yule, only to walk into a force of power that upsets the peace and calm of the local countryside. When the local authorities approach the Delacroix family for assistance tracking a ‘strange’ killer, Benedict’s hackles are raised, at the mysterious scents and unfamiliar markings, not usually acknowledged by the humans. Searching for the killer, who is now believed to have abducted a small child, Arjennie surmises a ‘mythical skinwalker’ to be the prime suspect in a series of events, that culminates with Benedict getting shot, the Wiccans once again, involved in a ‘circle’ of protection and a surprising revelation, from the family pet.


1.  Only Human (Lover Beware Anthology)
2.  Tempting Danger
3.  Originally Human (novella)
4.  Mortal Danger
5.  Blood Lines
6.  Inhuman (novella)
7.  Night Season
8.  Cyncerely Yours
9.  Mortal Sins
10. Human Nature (Inked Anthology)
11. Blood Magic
12. Blood Challenge
13. Death Magic
14. Human Error (Tied with a Bow Anthology)
15. Mortal Ties

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