Hunted (The Claiming #1) by T.A. Grey-a review

HUNTED (The Claiming #1) by T.A. Grey-a review

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About the book: Release Date June 26, 2014

For years, Penelope Farris, has been narrowly escaped the soul-searing gaze of General Ryon Amadeus Ward. No other in the village has the kind of reputation he had: for being a true dominant. When she learns that the overly-possessive Ryon plans to fight any male competitors on Penelope’s first Claiming Day—she is not happy. To win the Claiming is to win the female as a mate. Immediately following the male winning the female, he then consummates their partnership with a wild coupling filled with dominance and mind-numbing pleasure.

But Penelope doesn’t think she wants Ryon. He’s too big, too strong, too dominating, too everything for her. She wants someone a touch more submissive in her life. The days preceding her Claiming Day offers Penelope and Ryon the opportunity to test the bonds of their attraction to each other. Her greatest fear is of being caged by a man, but can Ryon let her run free even if it tears out his own heart to do it?


REVIEW: HUNTED is the first instalment and novella in T.A Grey’s adult, fantasy series The Claiming. This is General Ryon Ward and dancer Penelope Farris’s storyline-a second chance at love for two people who have ‘danced’ around one another for several years.

The focus of the storyline is the second chance relationship between Ryon and Penelope as well as the growing fear that the Tarle Kingdom is about to enter into another war. As Penelope’s claiming day approaches, more than one eligible bachelor lays claim to Penelope’s heart but General Ryon Ward is the man with whom Penelope has fallen in love.

The relationship between Ryon and Penelope is a second chance at love and Penelope’s claiming is the perfect opportunity for Ryon to claim the woman with whom he is falling in love. Their attraction to one another is tested when Penelope refuses to acknowledge her feelings for Ryon and another man makes a claim for her hand in marriage.

The secondary characters are colorful and drive a good portion of the storyline that introduces some history, backstory and potential conflict. We are introduced to family, friends, King Lyle and his court, and the Tarle’s most dangerous enemy-a species known as the Avagarian. HUNTED is a fantasy storyline where danger lurks in the forests beyond the walled kingdom of Tarle and none more dangerous than the Avagarian-the Tarle’s lay claim to a silver mine and the Avagarian’s intend to shut it down.

The world building includes a history of the Tarle at war and at peace; the people, their rites; and an upcoming war-not of their making.

T.A. Grey pulls the reader into a storyline of betrayal, jealousy, romance and love. HUNTED is a spirited, inventive and seductive storyline about two people who are meant to be together but time, history and a shapeshifting species will stand in their way until the very end.

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Reviewed by Sandy


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  1. Wonderful review Sandy. I haven’t read a fantasy storyline in quite a while. Most of the time is has been paranormal-contemporary. Thanks for the review.

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