HUNTERS: Book #3–Byron & Kit by Shiloh Walker (a review)

HUNTERS:  Book #3 Byron &bKit by Shiloh Walker

HUNTERS: Book #3-Byron and Kit (re-issue )

HUNTERS: Byron and Kit is another re-issue from author Shiloh Walker’s Hunter series of novels. Byron is a master vampire introduced previously in Eli and Sarel’s storyline. Shiloh is hoping to re-issue her entire Hunter series in ebook format in 2012.

Byron was entrusted with the life of the young ‘were’ female-Kit. When her father was discovered dying from a combination of poison and silver-tipped bullets, Byron was told that Kit “will want what she wants”. Ignoring the ramblings of his dying friend, Byron pledged to raise the young female wolf-pup as his own and give her everything she wants and needs. Little did he realize that when Kit grew-up, she would want Byron as her mate.

Kit was raised and educated by the best. But there was only one thing missing in her life- her soul mate. Although Kit knew that Byron was her soul-mate, she couldn’t forget the sounds of the numerous sexual encounters and trios that Byron did partake of. But a note, supposedly sent by Byron, to come to the office, would reveal more to Kit and Byron than either had anticipated or known. Set up to ‘see’ Byron with one of his human female companions, Kit would suffer rejection when Byron wasn’t able to recognize that Kit was his mate.

Sending Kit away for two-years, seemed to be a viable option for Byron. Hoping that she would forget about his sexual appetite and what she witnessed in the office, Byron tells Kit, that she must leave-visit her ancestral home in Paris. But the ruse to send Kit away, would only add further injury and pain to both their prides, and Kit is willing and determined to prove to Byron, that she is exactly what he wants and needs. When Byron becomes insistent, Kit feels the rejection down to her soul, and seeks solace and shelter with one of the Council members. It is only then that Byron realizes that sending Kit away was a terrible mistake.

HUNTERS: Byron and Kit is the 3rd storyline in Shiloh Walker’s Hunter series. The early books are erotic, paranormal fantasy stories with explicit sexual encounters. The Hunter series involves vampires, werewolves, witches and other supernatural beings. And in most cases, the previous characters will continue to surface throughout the many different storylines. If you have never had the chance to read Shiloh Walker’s Hunter series, now is the chance with the ebook release of the series.

Reviewed by Sandy

HUNTER’S CHOICE by Shiloh Walker

HUNTER’S CHOICE is a stand-alone novella in the Hunters series by Shiloh Walker. Found in the Mammoth Book of Vampire Romance, Hunter’s Choice is a short story of revenge, love and betrayal.

Sara was on a mission. It had been one year since her twin brother Joseph and his wife were found murdered and Sara wanted revenge. Armed with a cross-bow and handgun, Sara would ensure no others would be bled dry by a blood-sucking vampire. Hoping to prevent another victim, Sara took aim at the figure deep in the dark alley.

Wyatt knew he had made a critical error when the woman he was sent to protect became his lover. Remembering everything about Sara-the way she moved, she smelled and tasted, beckoned his vampire heart. Sara was grieving for the loss of her twin, and no amount of sex was going to prevent the sorrow and revenge. But a year of following and protecting Sara from herself was going to end this night. He would have to reveal his true identity to the woman he had fallen in love (with), to protect the life of another innocent vampire. But first he had to stop her from killing.

Hunter’s Choice is a quick read. A short story written in the style of the Hunters series, but one that is considered a stand-alone novel. A woman who seeks revenge for the murder of her brother, only to find that the man who was once her lover, may be the enemy she seeks. A welcome bonus to the Hunter series.

Reviewed by Sandy

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