Hunter’s Heart (Alpha Pack #4) by J.D.Tyler-a review

HUNTER’S HEART (Alpha Pack #4) by J.D.Tyler-a review

Hunter's Heart

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ABOUT THE BOOK: Release Date September 3, 2013

The Alpha Pack series features a team of special ops heroes who are shifters with Psy abilities, and use their powers to track the world’s most dangerous predators. Each of our heroes will find his mate, and each will be hotter and more dangerous than the last.

A group of former Navy SEALS, the Alpha Pack is a top secret team of wolf shifters with Psy powers combating the greatest dangers in the world. And when the battle gets personal, their wild side is unleashed….

Ryon Hunter sees dead people—spirits that beg him for help in ways he can’t understand. He’d do anything to end the torment, until a beautiful spirit appears to him with a plea he can’t ignore: Help me…I’m alive. The woman is wildlife biologist Daria Bradford, mortally wounded after encountering a white wolf, calling to Ryon through a rare Psy gift.

When Ryon locates Daria in the Shoshone National Park, it is almost too late, but nursing her back to health at the Alpha Pack compound brings a new complication—Daria is his destined mate, and Ryon is afraid of what will happen when she discovers what he is, and what he had to do to save her life. But the biggest threat of all is still loose in the forest, leaving a merciless trail of death behind it. The Alpha Pack goes on the hunt for the mysterious white wolf, determined to stop the murderous rogue… only to find that the most lethal creature of all is the one they can’t see coming…


REVIEW: HUNTER’S HEART is the fourth full length novel and fifth storyline in J.D.Tyler’s Alpha Pack series focusing on a top secret team of shifters with Psy powers and abilities. This is Ryon and Daria’s story. For a more detailed character breakdown, check out J.D. Tyler’s website HERE.

As the blurb states, Ryon sees dead people-he is a channeler and a telepath. Following a near fatal injury, Ryon will find himself face to spirit with the astral projection of his future mate. Only his future mate has been injured and time is running out.

As the storyline proceeds, Ryon and the Alpha Pack will uncover a much more sinister monster created by their one time nemesis and in doing so will begin to understand that during the search and rescue months earlier, someone or something, escaped. When Ryon and Daria are sent on a mission to locate the missing piece of the puzzle, they will find themselves confronting an all too familiar face.

HUNTER’S HEART and the Alpha Pack series premise are similar to Christine Feehan’s Ghostwalker Series. A group of psychic Navy Seals has been biologically enhanced and experimentally forced into a lifestyle not of their choosing and in doing so, must hunt for the people responsible. Along the way, each will find the one person who is their soul-mate, their bond-mate and their happily ever after. But before any of this is possible, our heroes and heroines will face their ultimate fear-betrayal and mistrust.

The relationship between Ryon and Daria is quick to develop as Ryon knows that Daria is his mate. Daria readily accepts the psychic research facility and all of its people, as well as her new found ability to shift. There are moments when Daria feels betrayed but because of the bond-mate tie, there is little question that they belong together. The sex scenes are sensual, erotic and hot.

The storyline is fast paced and the writing style is simple. J.D.Tyler, by way of character recounting and flashbacks, keeps the current storyline connected to the series with reference to previous incidences and plots which allows the reader some cohesion between books and a buildup of potential future novels. In this, a new reader to the series is not necessarily struggling. But I would recommend checking out the Alpha Pack character guide on JD Tyler’s website as a refresher. I like that JD includes much of the backstory and history of the Alpha Pack with each storyline but I would recommend reading the series in order.

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Primal Law
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Hunter’s Heart
Cole’s Redemption (March 2014)

Reviewed by Sandy

About The Author

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Jo DavisNational Bestselling author J.D. Tyler is best known for her dark, sexy paranormal series Alpha Pack, and the Firefighters of Station Five series under her pseudonym Jo Davis. PRIMAL LAW, the first book in her Alpha Pack series, is the winner of the National Reader’s Choice Award in Paranormal. She’s also been a multiple finalist in the Colorado Romance Writers Award of Excellence, a finalist for the Bookseller’s Best Award, has captured the HOLT Medallion Award of Merit, and has been two-time nominee for the Australian Romance Readers Award in romantic suspense.

J.D.’s books regularly appear on the Neilson Bookscan, Barnes and Noble, BooksOnBoard, and Amazon bestseller lists, among others, and she was recently named by BooksOnBoard as their #1 Bestselling Romance Author.

When she isn’t writing, J.D.’s idea of a good time certainly isn’t cleaning house (sniff), bungee jumping (not in this lifetime, or the next), or camping (her idea of “roughing it” is a slow bellboy). She enjoys reading, being pampered like the diva she is, and spending time with her awesome family. J.D. lives in Texas with her two teenagers. Visit her website at



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  1. Terrific review, Sandy. I have this on my list, another great looking series to read. Hard to keep up with them, as I keep discovering new authors and series.

  2. I’m sure this was a Terrific review but I didn’t read it sorry. But I will I just got this in the mail with 3 other really great reads . So looking forward to each one . I really enjoy J.D. Tyler and I love this series.

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