HUNTING KAT (YA) by Kelley Armstrong-a review

HUNTING KAT (YA) by Kelley Armstrong-a review

HUNTING KAT (e-novella) YA by Kelley Armstrong

HUNTING KAT is a March 2012 re-release, short-story that continues from Kelley Armstrong’s online novella KAT that can be found on the author’s website. Part of the Darkest Powers/Darkness Rising series and originally published in the anthology Kisses From Hell, Hunting Kat is a stand-alone story focusing on 16year old Katiana (Kat) a supernatural being who has been genetically altered and has only come into some of her powers in the previous 6 months. Told from Kat’s POV, Hunting Kat is a very quick read.

Kat and her guardian Marguerite have been on the run for over 11 years. As part of the Edison Project run by the Cabals, Kat was genetically altered so that when she reached maturity, the supernatural part of her DNA would be enhanced. What Kat did not know was that she was a hereditary vampire (silently hoping she was a werecat). Six months ago, a fatal gunshot to the chest would find her in the city morgue without a heartbeat or breath but alive, none-the-less. Now six months later, she and Marguerite were heading to New York to meet other vampires. But taking the car for a morning coffee run was not on the original agenda, and Kat soon found herself the victim of a hit and run and her would-be rescuers knew exactly whom they had found.

Waking up in a small holding cell, Kat was not alone. Two additional captives approximately Kat’s age were also in the cell, claiming to be part of the original Edison Project as well. But someone was lying about his true identity and Kat was not sure who would be more dangerous. Transported to another location, the trio soon devised a plan to break out and escape, only to find themselves facing off against each other. When Kat finally realizes that she has made an error in judgment she will be forced to do the one thing that Marguerite has forbidden her to do-feed from a human source. And in the end, an unlikely friendship will develop between two lost souls who are slowly finding out the truth about what happened over 11 years ago.

HUNTING KAT is an interesting and cute story. I would recommend reading KAT –the online prequel found at Kelley’s website. Some of Kat’s backstory and change is revealed and would help alleviate any questions the reader may have. HUNTING KAT is considered a stand-alone yet still part of the Darkest Powers series of novels. If you are a fan of Kelley Armstrong, you can’t go wrong with this short story.

Reviewed by Sandy


9 thoughts on “HUNTING KAT (YA) by Kelley Armstrong-a review

  1. Another great review, Sandy. I love Kelley. Someday, when I see the light, I want to read her YA series. At this moment I am preparing for no more Elena and Clay…sniff

  2. Great review Sandy, Yes i have read this story ,mind you it came back to me while reading your review and if i remember right it was a excellent read , But we are talking about Kelley I just love her Clay/Elena and the gang i will be sorry to see them put away .

  3. Great review Sandy!! I am a fan of Kelly’s Darkest Powers and DArkness Rising trilogies, but haven’t read this one!!! Didn’t even know about it!!! I’ll remedy that this week though!! 😉

      • I want to Sandy, I really do but every time I turn around there’s a new author to check out, or I’m told to read a series/author now. LOL!!! For instance; J.R.Ward’s BDB series. I still haven’t started that one. Sheesh I have no clue how to tackle this darned list of mine. *shakes head, goes to sit in corner and contemplate keeping her sanity as she looks over her tbr list*

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