IF ERRANDS COULD KILL by Jim Bronyaur-A review

If Errands Could Kill by Jim Bronyaur


IF ERRANDS COULD KILL is an indie publication from author Jim Bronyaur. If Errands Could Kill is the first book in Jim’s new “Minivan Mom Mystery” series. Jim has previously self-published many short stories and novellas, but this is the first instalment in his new series.

Eve Baily is a stay-at–home wife and mother, raising 3 children in a typical suburban neighborhood. Like most families, her children are involved with soccer, class projects and trips, as well as the occasional playground fight. Her husband Ben is a lawyer, handling contracts and business accounts, but the family is well respected in the small community of Marysville Pennsylvania. With her only son Cody’s class trip days away, the science teacher informs Eve, that the cheque has bounced, and Cody will not be allowed to attend, without payment. Hoping to straighten out the issue at the bank, Eve doesn’t realize that the world she once knew is about to change.

Witnessing what she believes to be a potential case of fraud, Eve follows bank employee Janet Vanden out to her vehicle, but notices that Janet has opened her gas tank before she drives away. But a simple case of fraud, has suddenly turned into something bigger when Eve witnesses Janet’s murder. When a large black Lincoln quickly leaves the area, Eve knows of only one potential person in town, with enough money to afford the luxury automobile. But when the police interview Eve, they reveal more information about the murder than first believed. Perhaps someone was being set-up?

Eve, hoping to gather her own information about the murder, sets out to investigate, but soon realizes that she has crossed the line with both the police and the potential suspects. When she follows the black Lincoln around town, she is quickly swept into melee of rumor, innuendo and threats against her life. But when her husband learns that his wife has continued to involve herself with the murder case, she is asked to step back before she gets hurt, but not before the victims husband, wants to meet with Eve. Hoping to learn more about his wife’s murder, Ted Vanden becomes distraught and defensive when he is suddenly pushed deeper into the rumor mill, with stories surrounding a possible affair and drugs.

Throughout the storyline, the Bailey family and their issues with time management, school activities and sports teams, play a secondary but important role within the novel. As part of the Minivan Mom Mystery series, Jim has woven real –life activities into a mystery, letting the reader know-that family is important and will not step aside. Life continues, even when you should NOT be investigating a murder.

Eve’s investigation soon threatens the stability of her family and the town. The police believe the murder is drug related, but Eve suspects that the police have been set up, as well as the victim. When Eve reveals what she knows and suspects, she is suddenly thrown into a scenario, where life or death, are her only options.

Jim Bronyaur writes an interesting mystery without the use of sex, foul language or graphic violence. The premise and scenario could be taken from any news headline, but Jim wraps the package with a nice secondary storyline involving the heroine’s family and home life. The one drawback-the suspect, perhaps, was a little too obvious. I wanted to smack Eve a couple of times, for her involvement with the investigation, especially when she was risking her life as well as her family, but shouldn’t all good storylines emotionally involve the reader? A good writer will always pull the reader into the story. I have no problem recommending IF ERRANDS COULD KILL and I look forward to A MESS TO DIE FOR.

Reviewed by Sandy

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