If You Need Me by Cassi Carver-Review, Guest Post and Giveaway

If You Need Me by Cassi Carver-Review, Guest Post and Giveaway

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If You Need Me
The Ashford Legacy #1
by Cassi Carver
Release Date: March 18,2014

If You Need Me

IF YOU NEED ME (The Ashford Legacy #1) by Cassi Carver

ABOUT THE BOOK: Release Date March 18, 2014

How far will she go for love?

Erotica author Rayna Sommers wears a daring smile in her publicity photos, but the truth would shock her legions of fans. The woman whose stories take readers on wild sexual adventures to exotic locales is terrified of the world outside her front door.

Isolation may be safe, but it’s also quite lonely until Rayna meets a charming fan online. Kyle is sexy, funny, everything Rayna desires, and soon their daily emails flare into sizzling-hot video chats. Too bad Kyle lives on the East Coast and Rayna on the West. For a woman who can’t even cross the street, much less the country, her dream of a life with Kyle is just too far out of reach.

Kyle has an even bigger problem than getting Rayna Sommers to step outside her comfort zone. He’s head over heels in love with her, but he hasn’t told her the truth. He’s really Kyle Ashford, billionaire heir to the Ashford empire. The owner of the company that’s about to shut her publisher—and her livelihood—down for good.

Product Warning

This book contains a sexy billionaire who knows what he wants, a housebound author who’d love to give it to him, and a special-needs pet hen that just might steal your heart.


REVIEW: IF YOU NEED ME is the first storyline in Cassi Carver’s new contemporary, adult, romance, erotic novella series. This is billionaire Kyle Ashford and erotica author Rayna Sommers’s storyline. Rayna suffers horribly from agoraphobia and Kyle is the man with whom she has fallen in love. One problem-their relationship is long distance and they have never met each other in person.

The premise follows Rayna as her attempts to enter the outside world are fueled by Kyle’s promises of nightly forays into the world of online sexual seduction. As Rayna’s fears continue to hold her hostage it will be Kyle who is willing to cross the country in order to make their relationship more permanent. But Kyle is withholding some important information about his personal and private life and when Rayna discovers the truth, their relationship will be destroyed by betrayal and heartbreak.

Cassi Carver has ventured into the fast paced world of the young heir to a billion dollar enterprise who needs something more in his life and an intriguing storyline about one woman’s inability to overcome the past. The characters are colorful, relatable and you feel the emotional pain and embarrassment for a woman who is lost in a world of phobias and fears. The majority of the storyline focuses on the building relationship between Rayna and Kyle, albeit, a relationship that begins under the guise of online anonymity.

What started as acquaintances to friends will quickly develop into lovers who believe that each other is the one. The reader is pulled into the heart pounding fear of a phobia that is little understood while a man sets into motion everything that he hopes will bring the woman he loves into the world outside.

Copy supplied by the author.

Reviewed by Sandy

Guest Post

Good Books and Fuzzy Buddies
By Cassi Carver

Hello, my friends! Thank you for visiting me today on The Reading Café! I’m so excited to tell you about my new release, “If You Need Me,” the first book in The Ashford Legacy, and give you the opportunity to win one of three digital copies—so stay tuned for how to enter to win below!

BrattyFirst, let me just say, I am a huge animal lover! I was born into a home with pets, and I’ve never been without one (or ten) since. So when I was writing my spicy contemporary romance novella “If You Need Me,” it should have been no surprise when a special-needs Silkie hen named Bratty suddenly popped onto the page—especially when I had my own Bratty right here at home.

I’ll admit it: I love books with animal sidekicks whether I’m reading historical, paranormal, or contemporary romance! I had read books with animals before, of course, but I remember the first time I clued into the fact that this was a “thing.” I saw “Animal Magnetism” by Jill Shalvis on the bookstore shelf, and it struck me that here was a cover not with a hero and a heroine embracing, but with a hero embracing a puppy! If there’s anything that can make my heart melt, it’s a hot guy holding a sweet dog. What woman can resist?

Even so, Bratty wasn’t planned as a character—she just happened. And once she strutted into the story, she was there to stay. My own Bratty was a cross-beak Silkie hen, and cross-beak birds don’t generally live longer than two years. I made her special wet food every day, and because she had to rely on humans to eat, she was the sweetest of all my birdy babies and definitely the one with the most plucky personality!

Maybe I should be embarrassed, but I actually dedicated “If You Need Me” to Bratty. The dedication reads, “For Bratty. Now you’ll live forever baby.” And when I wrote that, I knew she didn’t have forever, but I had no clue that we would lose her the day after Christmas 2013. But when I reread “If You Need Me,” I smile at getting to spend a little more time with a very sweet and sassy girl.

Books two and three of The Ashford Legacy, coming out in June and September 2014, also have some fun animals making special appearances—a naughty skunk and a border collie up to no good—but unlike Bratty, those animals came straight from my imagination.

So now it’s time to comment and be entered to win one of three digital copies of “If You Need Me”! I would love to know, if you could pick one animal from your past or present to put in a novel, which would it be? And if you want extra bonus points in my heart, I’d love to know what was special about that pet!

Thank you for visiting and commenting, my friends! I hope you get to cuddle up with a good book and a furry or feathery buddy today! I know for me, I couldn’t do without them!




About the Author

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Cassi CarverCassi Carver lives in sunny Southern California with two dogs, four kids, five chickens, and one very patient husband. She explores beautiful San Diego County for research (okay, for fun and relaxation) as often as possible. She’s never saved the world, but she keeps sexy boots on hand just in case the opportunity arises.

When Cassi isn’t busy plotting, writing, or exploring, she enjoys reading, spending time with family and friends, caring for pets, visiting the local animal shelters, drinking copious amounts of Diet Dr. Pepper, and watching sappy movies that deliver reliably happy endings.



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60 thoughts on “If You Need Me by Cassi Carver-Review, Guest Post and Giveaway

  1. I’ve never heard of either of the birds you mentioned. I can see one Named Bratty though. I like books that include animals and am happy to discover another author who does.

  2. Thanks for coming by Cassi and I loved the review Sandy. I too love animals but I have to say I have a limit as to what can be a pet. Sounds like a great book would love to win it.

  3. Don’t enter me into the contest because I’ve already read and loved this story! I can highly recommend it…and I have.

    We lost our 17 yr. old kittyboy, Curry, over a year ago and I still miss him. He was the original scaredy cat. But I loved watching him stalk and pounce on his tail. He’d look over his shoulder and watch it move before trying to catch it. 🙂

  4. Great review, Sandy. I thought I posted here earlier. Love the premise of this story, love the cover and love your guest post, Cassie. Interesting to have a pet hen.

  5. Thanks Sandy, for the review. Looking forward to reading this series. Please enter me in the giveaway. And thanks Marcy Shuler for suggesting this book. It’s always a plus when someone has already read it and gives a thumbs up. I don’t think I’ve read any Cassi Carver books…YET…but I’ll be heading over the the book sites soon. 😉

  6. Please enter me in the giveaway. I so enjoyed your Post Cassi and the book really sounds wonderful (my husband suffered from agoraphobia for many years but with thereapy which helped tremondously, he was actually cured) so I understand what Rayna feels. Looking forward to getting to know Bratty too, seems like a fun pet and sorry for your loss of her. Thanks for the chance to win. email: rboinaz@cox.net

  7. Looking forward to reading this book. My youngest (of 4) was 8 when our family got its first pet, a dog we named Zoe. Zoe was not just a dog but she was a wired fox terrier, hyper & loved to play. From that point on it was love & they were best friends. Everytime he had to write about something for school, it was about Zoe, his best friend. I had to explain to his teachers that Zoe was out dog. When it came time to say goodbye to Zoe 2 years ago, after 11-1/2 years with us, Matt struggled. We made a memory stone with her paw prints and Matt wrote a special message on it. Later we found out he has clipped some of her fur as a momento. I even made a memory book of photos of Zoe for him. We have a new pup which he has connected with, but in a different way.

    • Thank you for commenting, Eileen! Losing a dog is so rough. Our golden retriever died in August 2012 and we grieved deeply. And we adopted a new dog which we adore, but you’re right. You connect with the new dog, but you never replace the old dog. Hugs to you and your family!

  8. Cassie, its nice to know I’m not the only “interesting” person when it comes to animals. If it has fins, fur or feathers I love it. At time I had 1 dog, 2 cats, 2 ferrets, fish, finches, and about 130 fancy mice that my 1 cat would sleep with from time to time. A home isn’t complete without animals, plenty of plants, and home cooking. I am really looking forward to reading your book. =)

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