In Plain Sight by Susanne Matthews-a review

In Plain Sight by Susanne Matthews – a review

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ABOUT THE BOOK: Release Date August 12, 2013

In life, you pay a price for everything you do. Widowed, her dream of starring on Broadway in ashes at her feet, Misty Starr yearns for a happy, healthy, normal life for herself and her four-year-old daughter, Debbie. Settled in Pine Falls, NY, a sleepy little town filled with friendly people, she believes she’s found it and feels safe enough to sing in an amateur theater revival of Jesus Christ Superstar. She’ll do anything to keep this life even if it is built on lies, because revealing her secret is impossible. When Nick Anthony joins the cast as music director, Misty is attracted to the man who stirs up feelings she thought long dead, but can love grow on a bed of deceit?

A former concert pianist and secret CIA courier, Nick lives in darkness ever since the accident that killed his wife. The doctors say there’s nothing wrong with his vision, so why can’t he see? Hiding from his former life, he reluctantly agrees to help with the musical and is drawn to the young singer with the voice of an angel. When a mysterious fire destroys her home, Nick vows to keep her and her daughter safe. After one suspicious event leads to another, Nick is determined to protect them from an unknown assassin, but in order to do that, he needs to know her secrets. With his money and connections, he’ll do whatever it takes to save the woman he loves, but does she love him enough to reveal the truth?


Another wonderful suspenseful romance by Susanne Matthews! If we gave stars, this one would be a 5!

This one begins with Misty Starr our heroine living in Pine Falls a small town, actually Misty and daughter Debbie are in the witness protection program and have been relocated a few times. Misty feels a lot of guilt for the deaths of the U.S. Marshalls that were guarding her. She is being hunted by a specific family of the Irish Mob for her testimony that put them away. This last relocation was done by a retired agent named Amos. Amos and his wife Beryl live in Pine Falls and brought Misty and Debbie there to live, provided her with a cover story as the widow of his son killed overseas. This all began years ago and Misty and Debbie (now four years old) are feeling safer. Amos helped her get a small two story house near his, and a job as the elementary school secretary. Her neighbor is Charlotte, a widow also with a four year old daughter Cassie.

Micah Jones and his doctor-wife Laura, run the Pine Hill Theater Group and are doing a production of Jesus Christ Superstar, a charity production that annually funds improvements for the local clinic. When someone had to be replaced quickly, friends of Misty talked her into joining the group and when she sang, her voice was a huge surprise to everyone. She’s a bit nervous as she doesn’t feel safe to put herself in the spotlight for fear of being discovered. She reluctantly agrees to be in the production, when her widowed neighbor, Charlotte, says she’ll babysit for Debbie while she’s at the theater.

During costuming, she was laughing about the costume they wanted her to wear, saying she looked like a beach cabana. Then Micah and Laura walked in with a stunningly handsome man no one knew. Misty was surprised, but immediately very attracted to him. Micah introduced the man as Nick Anthony and told everyone he was a retired musician and going to help with the music. When she was introduced to him she stuck her hand out but he seemed to just move on and ignored her. She thought him rude, but couldn’t understand why he kept staring at her. Okay, that’s the set up…now comes the truly interesting parts! I don’t do spoilers, because you really need to enjoy reading this wonderfully romantic story. I’ll just give you this: Nick wasn’t rude, he was blind…and yes, he’s also instantly attracted to Misty, by her scent of course, since…he blind! His story is another tragic one that unfolds throughout the telling.

Strange and dangerous things begin to happen, and Nick feels he needs to keep Misty and Debbie safe! And he’s just the guy who can do it! How you ask? Read the story, it’s amazing and so heartwarmingly romantic, not to mention the steamy relationship that’s building. Exciting and twisty plotting are the climax of this wonderfully compelling story. As an added bonus we get a visit from Alexis and Jake McKenzie from Fire Angel another wonderful novel from Susanne Matthews, I loved catching up with them.

Grab a glass of wine (or two..) and get comfortable (you may be up until the wee hours of the morning because you won’t want to put this down), you’re in for a great read! Enjoy, I did!

Copy supplied by the author

Reviewed by Georgianna S.


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