In The Service of the King by Laura Kaye-a review

In The Service of the King by Laura Kaye-a review


IN THE SERVICE OF THE KING is the February 2012 premiere storyline in Laura Kaye’s Vampire Warrior Kings series. Without his mate, Kael the vampire King is required to feed from a virgin, but the Evening of the Proffering is not a ritual that the King willingly accepts. But his need for blood is greater now that it has been months since his last feed. Adding to his humiliation is the fact that his warriors must wait til the King has fed before they, themselves, are able to feed.

Kael despises the Proffering. As a vampire, he must feed but since his mate died in childbirth hundreds of years earlier, Kael pushes the limits of his need until absolutely necessary. The human virgins used for the Proffering are educated in the ways of the Vampire King and the ceremonial rites and passages, but that does not make is any easier for Kael. Knowing that these women willingly submit to the blood-letting in order that he may feed, is a ritual he must endure in order to survive.

Shayla McKinnon has always wanted to be one of the Proffered virgins. Growing up in Ireland, Shayla was aware of the vampire King and his need for a Proffered virgin. Hoping she would be one of the selected virgins, Shayla kept herself pure and educated in the ways of the Proffering ritual. But the King’s reaction to Shayla’s unexpected appearance left the young woman near tears and willing to submit to a man who was taken aback by something that neither could explain.

Kael was shocked when he looked into the eyes of the beautiful woman offered for her blood. So mesmerized by her appearance, Kael blindfolded the beauty and felt her humiliation and shame at the King’s response. But Kael’s need to taste all but blinded him to the ceremonial ritual and for the first time in his life, the King fed directly from someone other than his mate. His desire and need for the young woman kneeling at the feet of one of the most powerful Vampire Kings, was about to change everything for Kael and his band of warriors. Knowing she was the one, would force Kael down to his knees in supplication to the woman who would one day be his Queen.

In The Service of the King is a wonderful new novella from Laura Kaye. The mating ceremony and blood exchange is sexy and erotic-something different and new from the fascinating mind of Laura Kaye.

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Reviewed  by  Sandy


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  1. I really enjoyed this review Sandy. Sounds like a book I can really get into. I’ve added it to my list. *shakes head as eyes begin to cross staring at the amount of books she has to read* LOL!!!!

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