In This Life by Terri Herman-Ponce : a review

IN THIS LIFE by Terri Herman-Ponce:  a review

IN THIS LIFE by Terri Herman-Ponce

IN THIS LIFE is the first novel and October 18, 2012 release from author Terri Herman-Ponce. Written in a combination of fantasy, mystery and contemporary suspense genre, In This Life will keep you attention until the very end.

Dr. Taletta (Lottie) Morgan is sick at home with the flu, but a mysterious call from a stranger has Lottie considering she has lost her mind. The previous evening she had dreamed about an ancient lover from a time long ago, and the man on the phone claimed to be the man in the dream. But a call from a counselor at the Amrose Counseling Center where she worked pushed all thoughts aside, when one of her clients is reported missing and possibly suicidal. Shortly after her arrival, the dream-like visions and music from the night before begin to invade once again, only to be interrupted by a knife held to her throat.

Throughout the morning, Lottie moved in and out of lucidity. The voice from the earlier phone call continues to intrude in her mind and she is having difficulty focusing on her client who claims that no one cares, when she suddenly finds herself facing three strangers that she have never met before. But a resurgence of awareness will bring her back to the present where her boyfriend David is sure that something has gone terribly wrong. She was losing moments and hours of time. She was blacking out and having visions, and each was preceded by an exotic scent or smell. As well, no one else is able to see or believes that her life is in danger.

David Bellotti was an ex-marine and a contract soldier for Professional Recruitment and Operations- a global military corporation. Three weeks earlier he lost his best friend and fellow soldier Eddie while on military manoeuvres in the Sahara and David was having difficulty with the death. When a replacement is brought in for Eddie, David became suspicious and asked Lottie to do an evaluation before he joins the team. But a dinner together with friends would find Lottie in the hospital with no memory of what had occurred. Hoping to analyze what has been happening Lottie sits downs with fellow counselor and one-time lover Paul to discuss what has been happening in her life. Everyone believes she is losing her mind.

Throughout the storyline Lottie continues to travel what can only be called ‘back in time’ in her dreams, but the visions are no longer locked into her dreams, but through her waking hours. The people in her dreams are strangers yet she knows each and everyone intimately as though they have known each other for a very long time. Meanwhile the strange phone calls continue and several mysterious packages arrive-all perceived as a threat against her life. When her fiancé begs her to get help, Lottie is too consumed with the visions and knows with whom she has to speak only she is risking her relationship and her life. All too soon she will discover that her visions, the threats, her clients and a one-time friend are all connected.

IN THIS LIFE is a fast paced, well-written and an amazing read. I found myself on edge in a few spots especially when Lottie was willing to risk everything to find the answers. She was also irritating when she kept so many secrets to herself, but then again, no one would have believed a word she said. In This Life is a fascinating tale of lost love, lost souls and finding the one person with whom you were always meant to be-in this life or the next. A fantastic new novel and a great start for Terri Herman-Ponce.


Copy supplied by the author.

Reviewed by Sandy


15 thoughts on “In This Life by Terri Herman-Ponce : a review

  1. Nice review Sandy! It sounds like a fun read but for some reason I can see myself getting a little confused with the storyline and the people she knew from another or whatnot. Did you every get confused by that?

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  3. I hope any of you who choose to read In This Life enjoy it. It was truly written from the heart – written once years and years ago, and agented at the time though it remained unsold – until my best friend told me one day to rewrite it with love and passion. And I did. This is the result – and it’s now published!

    For any of you who read, I’d love to know what you think of In This Life, both good and bad. It helps me grow as a writer and my only goal is to entertain. I truly want to keep doing that. Thank you everyone, for the thoughts and especially for giving me the time here. It’s so very much appreciated.

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