INDUSTRIAL MAGIC (WOTO #4) by Kelley Armstrong-a WOTO challenge review

INDUSTRIAL MAGIC (WOTO #4) by Kelley Armstrong-a review

INDUSTRIAL MAGIC (Women of the Otherworld #4) by Kelley Armstrong

INDUSTRIAL MAGIC is the 4th full-length novel in Kelley Armstrong’s Women of the Otherworld series, and once again, not one of my favorite storylines. I love Kelley Armstrong’s books and series, but there were a few in this particular series that I did not enjoy and for some reason those involving Paige and Lucas did not top my list. Perhaps it was the ‘lack’ of the wolves (including Clay, Elena, Jeremy,Nick, Antonio etc) or the lack of sexual energy surrounding  Paige and Lucas, but if I think back, it is probably the copious amount of background information and the numerous characters involved with each Paige/Lucas/Cabel storyline. I am still recommending Kelley’s Women of the Otherworld series, including Industrial Magic, but a couple of the storylines were difficult.

We first met Paige and Lucas in Dime Store Magic (WOTO #3) when Lucas agreed to represent Paige during her custody struggle for Savannah and her banishment from the Witches Coven. Industrial Magic focuses on the Cabel side of the family including Lucas’s family and Savannah’s extended biological family from her father’s side. Cabels are family run, and controlled and aligned with the most powerful sorcerers and to compare these Cabels to the Mafia or Mob, would not be a far stretch. But someone or something is murdering the young Cabal sons and heirs, and as Lucas is his father’s reluctant heir, he and Paige are now deeply involved with the investigations.

Several new characters are introduced, as I had said before, but there are a couple that we will see many times in future novels and storylines. Jaime Vegas is a clairvoyant and necromancer, and Eve Levine is part witch/part demon and, Savannah’s deceased mother. There are demons, shamans, vampires, wolves, sorcerers, witches and of course, the lowly suffering humans. Quite frankly I thought about pulling out my power point and designing a graph to keep track of the familial connections.

Regrettably, Kelley will be releasing her final full-length novel in the Women of the Otherworld series in July-THIRTEEN. But, on the plus side, Kelley has also said she will be re-releasing some of her short stories and novellas, as well as writing some continuing short storylines to keep her fans happy e.g V Plates -released in May 2012 (narrated by Nick).

Each month beginning March 1st, 2012, The Reading Cafe has accepted a challenge by the host site Moonlightgleam to post a review from each of Kelley Armstrong’s 13 full-length novels in her Women of the Otherworld series. WE hope you have enjoyed catching up with Kelley’s books. Next month we will be reviewing HAUNTED  and  THIRTEEN-Kelly’s new release and final instalment in the WOTO series. *sniff*

reviewed by Sandy


9 thoughts on “INDUSTRIAL MAGIC (WOTO #4) by Kelley Armstrong-a WOTO challenge review

  1. Geat review Sandy but a sad one i for one will be sad that THIRTEEN is to be Kelly’s last WOTO Series , I have greatly enjoyed as you the wolf gang Clay , Elena and all the others .I can’t say that i minded reading about Paige and Lucas or the Cables some i found just took a little longer to sink in , But i enjoy them all in the end .Thanks for the memory’s.

    • Hi Lori….

      Kelley is one of my favorite authors and I met her in Guelph last fall..she is fabulous and so down to earth. WE also did an interview with Kelley-it is in our author interviews.

      As for my ‘dislike ‘ for Dime Store Magic, Industrial Magic and next month’s Haunted….I didn’t enjoy them as much as the other storylines….not that I despised them, but I had a hard time really loving the story. When I re-read them, they did take on a different aura..and the characters were more likeable….maybe it is the Cabal storyline –not sure–hard to explain–*thinks to self-maybe I should quit while I am ahead*…lol

    • There is supposed to be a wedding in THIRTEEN…here’s hoping it is Savannah and Adam….they have been dancing around each other for years and several books (since STOLEN)..and we will probably find out that Adam was waiting til Savannah came into her powers completely (but then again she lost them). But at the end of Spellbound… does appear Adam has finally acknowledged his feelings…*geez,I cannot seem to express myself this morning*

      • Really I did not know about the wedding. I’m getting excited, it is not too far away. But then it will be time for mourning, after we enjoy Thirteen. Hopefully Kelley will continue with some short stories on Elena and Clay and the wolves.

        What do you know about her new series? Not the one she is doing with Melissa Marr

  2. HEY Sandy: Lucky you in getting to meet Kelley and i do understand what you mean’t by the cabal stories , It took me a little longer to read but ended up loving it in the end .I guess it’s once you get to know all of them it helps. And now your telling me there’s a Wedding hmmmmmm who could it be Savannah and Adam or Jeremy and His Lady love .Sorry drawing a blank on her name, I think i read just way to many books . Naaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa lol

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