Ineligible Bachelor by Kathryn Quick-a review

INELIGIBLE BACHELOR by Kathryn Quick-a review


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ABOUT THE BOOK: Release January 8, 2013

Frederika “Freddy” McAllister has loved Logan Gabriel since…well, forever. Unfortunately, she’s spent most of forever in the dreaded “friend zone,” harboring what has to be the longest-running crush of all time. But now Freddy has a plan to make Logan see her as more than just the girl next door: She’ll enter him in Elan Magazine’s Eligible Bachelor Contest, then swoop in to soothe his bruised ego when he loses.

There’s just one tiny problem: Logan wins! And that means he’s headed to a mansion in New Jersey where six beautiful women will vie for his affections on reality TV. Making matters worse, the producers want Freddy to tag along and help choose his ideal match. Suddenly her perfect plan becomes a perfect nightmare, as Freddy scrambles to outwit conniving contestants and convince the man of her dreams that the woman of his has been by his side all along


REVIEW: INELIGIBLE BACHELOR is a contemporary romance short story that plays right into the hands of fans of some of television’s reality programming. When Freddy McAllister enters a photograph of her childhood sweetheart into a contest she failed to read the fine print-she had inadvertently entered him a contest to be the next Bachelor for a reality program.

Heartsick and heartbroken, Freddy is cast by the show’s producers to choose who stays and who goes. And along the way, Freddy’s heart choses Logan knowing she will be sending him into another woman’s arms.

Ineligible Bachelor is a cute, quirky read that delves into the ‘unreality’ of reality TV programming. The writing is simple and the storyline is a quick read before bed. Following a script was never more difficult when two hearts meant to be together are forced to choose someone else. But like all romance storylines, all is not lost when the producers see something that neither one was willing to admit.

If you like fun, romantic, uncomplicated storylines INELIGIBLE BACHELOR is the perfect read.

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Reviewed by Sandy


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  1. ANother great review Sandy!! The book sounds fun, so I may give it a go. BUT, I have NEVER been a fan of reality tv shows, other than Big Brother and Survivor and DWTS. I just do NOT see the appeal of however many women trying to snag one man…………….. REALLY?!?!?!?!? LOL!!

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