Inhuman (World of the Lupi) by Eileen Wilks-a review

INHUMAN (World of the Lupi) by Eileen Wilks-a review


INHUMAN is the September 2012 novella re-release in Eileen Wilks “The World of the Lupi” (originally found in On The Prowl). Inhuman follows the investigation into the deaths of 3 of The Gifted by someone or something not human. Part of the series premise focuses on The Gifted-several races that are inherently magical-of the Blood. Since The Turning a couple of months earlier, the population of Gifted beings had doubled when the power winds strengthened Existing Gifts and revealed Nascent Gifts in others. Prejudism and stereotyping were on the rise, and those with The Gift or of The Blood, were no longer trusted.

Kai Tallman Michalski was a physical therapist in Texas with The Gift. Her ability to see color auras sensing emotions had grown stronger since The Turning and her other powers had increased as well.

Sargeant Nathan Hunter is one of Kai’s best friends. Another member of The Blood, Nathan’s true nature is not known, and as a friend, Kai had never pushed Nathan to reveal his species. But following an attack against Nathan, Kai knew it was time that she and Nathan were truthful about their shared feelings.

Nathan was lonely and true to his nature, he was the only one of his kind in Texas. He considered Kai his only friend and with that, his feelings and emotions had always fallen onto the side of love and admiration. But with the recent increase in murders, among The Gifted, Nathan’s need to protect Kai increased. As a hunter, Nathan has always specialized in finding others and since his Stranding, he has had many incarnations on Earth and his most recent was that of a police officer. Only this investigation would bring him full circle-right back to his front door.

The FBI Magical Crimes Division believes they have found their murderer, but Nathan knows that the investigator holds a deep prejudice against all of The Gifted. When witnesses claim to have seen a particular Gifted in the presence of each of the victims, Nathan will make it his life mission to prove them wrong. Calling in his fellow huntsman, Nathan would discover that there is more to his best friend than he had known.

INHUMAN is a wonderful short story that reflects many of the prejudices from today and yesteryear. While there are no supernatural races roaming the Earth, we can clearly place many of the storyline scenarios into some of our news making headlines when something or someone that is different is targeted by another. Eileen Wilks has written an amazing series with her World of the Lupi and I hope that everyone has a chance to check it out.

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