Instant Enticement by Samanthya Wyatt – Review & Giveaway

Instant Enticement by Samanthya Wyatt – Review & Giveaway


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A naked woman in his shower . . .

Craig can’t believe his eyes. A practical joke on his friend turns out to be a naked beauty standing before him in all her fine glory. He is too shocked for words. A man who has had his share of women suddenly finds himself speechless before this exotic creature. She is an aching temptation. Surrendering to his passion could cost him his best friend. Yet, he yearns to taste, to touch . . . but she is hands off.

Kelly has given up on men. All men are liars, except for her best friend. The only man she would ever trust. At least that’s what she thought . . . until she meets his best friend, Craig. He turns her world upside down and has her rethinking her vow. She yearns to taste the ecstasy his dark eyes promise. But he holds back. And now she must convince him she is innocent of betrayal.


Instant Enticement is a new contemporary romance by author Samanthya Wyatt. It’s the story of Kelly and Craig’s finding each other and romance.

Kelly has a serious relationship with Robert, she thinks he’s going to ask her to marry him. However, he breaks their date at the last minute. She asks her friend Sandy to accompany her to the restaurant to keep the reservation. While there, Robert walks in with another woman and Kelly explodes. Turns out Robert is already married. Kelly’s no one’s fool and is shocked she let herself get in this position. After making a scene, she leaves quickly and heads for Virginia and her good friend Dennis.

Dennis is surprised to find her in his apartment, but they’ve always been best friends. Never romantic, although both talk about romance and are very close. They’ve kept their friendship just that. Finding out what Kelly has just been through, Dennis is angry and offers to beat Robert to a pulp, but Kelly wants nothing more to do with Robert. She decides to stay a few days with Dennis and let herself heal.

Dennis has another good friend. This one’s a man named Craig. Craig is the CEO of several companies and very wealthy. He and Dennis have been friends since college, but even though he’s heard of Kelly, he’s never met her. He decides to visit his friend Dennis, while he’s on the east coast. He drives up and sees Dennis’s car, thinking he’s home. However, Dennis used Kelly’s car to go get food that morning. Anyway, Craig decides it’s Dennis in the shower that’s running and decides to play a prank. He fills a bucket with ice and water and dumps said bucket over the shower wall.

It was a wonderful surprise when Kelly jumped out. Wet, cold, and naked. Craig couldn’t believe his eyes. She was magnificent and he couldn’t look away. After a moment he apologized and quickly left the bathroom.

Okay, that’s the setup. The rest must be read to be enjoyed. As you can tell this story if filled with fun, sizzling sex, and quite a lot of misconceptions. The road to Kelly and Craig’s happiness is filled with stumbling over each other, exciting enticements, and a lot of fun. There’s also a bit of danger when an angry Robert tries to get revenge.

This is a good read, with lots of excitement. If you love good romance and the fun of getting to the goal we all know is waiting…this is a must read. Author Wyatt has a real winner on her hands!

Reviewed by Georgianna

Copy supplied for review



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