Intensity by Sherrilyn Kenyon – a Review

Intensity by Sherrilyn Kenyon – a Review


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It’s a demon-eat-demon world for Nick Gautier. Just when he thinks he’s finally gotten a handle on how not to take over the world and destroy it, Death returns with an all-star cast that is determined to end the Malachai reign and lineage forever. Worse? Death and War have found the one, true enemy Nick can’t find, and even if he did, it’s one he could never bring himself to banish or kill.

Now framed for murders he hasn’t committed, and surrounded by new friends who might be turncoats, Nick is learning fast how his father went down in flames.

The heat in New Orleans is rising fast, and Nick’s threat-level has gone into a whole new level of intensity. He’s learning fast that when War and Death decide to battle, they don’t take prisoners. The don’t negotiate. And they’re both immune to his biting sarcasm and Cajun charm. To win this, he will have to embrace a new set of powers, but one wrong step, and he will belong to the side of Darkness, forever.

Please note! While this is officially the last book of the Nick Chronicles, it’s not the “last” book.  There will be four books about Nick and Cyprian in the upcoming “Shadows of Fire” series.  Please stay tuned for those dates.



I really enjoyed Intensity by Sherrilyn Kenyon.  It was packed full of action, suspense, twists and turns that it left my head spinning.  As a matter of fact I’m still trying to wrap my head around everything that happened in this book.  In true Kenyon fashion, for every answer about an event or character in this book, we got about 10 more questions popping up in our head about something/someone else that hasn’t been answered by books end.  This is especially true after reading the epilogue as it’s setting us up for not only the next series, but the final set of stories for Nick.  To which I’m assuming will bring us to his adult DH book. 

As I said, so much happened in this one that I can’t say too much, or I’ll spoil the plot and information about characters and events that have either happened, are happening now or will happen.  Yes this book had lots of time travel; to the past, present and future. So much so that I had a hard time keeping up to where poor Nick was, who was after him now and what was going to happen next.  It got to the point I was leery about turning the page for fear it would bring on more confusion for me. LOL!!  Thank goodness for my version of Coles notes that I make as I go along when I read a Kenyon book these days. If I didn’t make my notes along the way to help connect the dots, I’d be totally lost.

Like I said a lot happens in this one and it happens fast. Hopefully without dropping too many spoilers or giving away plot line we learn more about;

-Nick’s mom, her bloodline and how it plays an important role in Nick’s personality and morals. 

-Jaden and Jared and how their lives came to be intertwined,

-Myone and Xevikan, their relationship and what became of it, along with interesting tidbits regarding Nick, Jared and Jaden

-Apolloymi’s true identity, some of her story, and an interesting tidbit about her and Nick

-Kody’s memory issues, and see a glimpse into her’s and Nick’s future, along with a fun fact about Simi in that future.  Also something shocking that happens in relation to Kody that I wasn’t happy about!

-Noir and Azure’s weakness, how it can destroy them and how they plan to stop it

-Cyprian, how he really came to be, who his parents are, why he’s after Nick and how he’s been wrecking havoc pretty much everywhere he goes

-an interesting tidbit about Takeshi and Nishira and see more into his life finally

There is so much more that happens, but I would be hear all day typing it up with all my connect the dots finds.  LOL!!  For anyone who is a Kenyon fan this is a must read.  If you haven’t been following this series you will definitely be lost trying to make heads or tails out of everything that happens in this book.  It’s an action packed adventure filled with twist and turns at every corner keeping you the reader on your toes in this page turner. Along with all the information we learn, Kenyon also keeps up her wacky sense of humour and sarcasm with her band of misfits in Intensity.  Now bring on Shadows of Fire because I can’t wait to see how this all plays out!

Until next time, happy reading my fellow Menyons!!

Reviewed by Marcie


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  1. I am one back on this series, but had ordered this in HC, which they are still saying won’t be available for a while…. Loved the review. Going to be an interesting read when I get to it. Just wish I new when

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