Book Tours

Book Tours


January 20,2018-Tempt Me by Carly Phillips Book Tour
January 20, 2018-THRIVE by Aly Martinez Book Tour
January 20, 2018-RESCUING CASEY by Susan Stoker Book Tour
January 19, 2018-THE SEA DEVIL by Eliza Knight Book Tour
January 18, 2018-BAYSIDE PASSIONS by Melissa Foster Book Tour
January 16, 2018-DOWN ON ME by J. Kenner Book Tour
January 15, 2018-SEX, NOT LOVE by Vi Keeland Book Tour
January 13, 2018-UNCHAINED BY A FORBIDDEN LOVE by Felicity Heaton Book Tour
January 8 2018-MOST LIKELY TO SCORE by Lauren Blakely book tour
January 8, 2018-WICKED CHOICE by Sawyer Bennett Book Tour
January 5, 2018-Heart of the Wolf By Terry Spear Book Tour
January 4, 2018-THE ONES WHO GOT AWAY by Roni Loren Book Tour
January 3, 2018-THE THING ABOUT LOVE by Kim Karr Book Tour
January 2, 2018-HEART OF FIRE by Amanda Bouchet Book Tour
January 2, 2018-The Madame Catches Her Duke by Christina McKnight Book Tour


December 28, 2017-MOON BOUND by Donna Grant Book Tour
December 27, 2017-THE DUKE OF ICE by Darcy Burke Book Tour
December 27, 2017-THE PRETENDER by HelenKay Dimon Book Tour
December 26, 2017-Collision Course by Marie Harte Book Tour
December 19, 2017-IT TAKES TWO TO TUMBLE by Cat Sebastian Book Tour
December 18,2017-COWBOY UP (Coming Home 3) by Harper Sloan book tour
December 18, 2017-IT MUST’VE BEEN THE MISTLETOE by LP Dover book tour
December 16, 2017-THE HIGHLANDER PRINCESS BRIDE by Vanessa Kelly book tour
December 14, 2017 TAMED BY CHRISTMAS by Sidney Valentine Book Tour
December 13 2017-THE LORD MEETS HIS LADY by Gina Conkle Book Tour
December 13, 2017-SWEET LIFE by Nina Lane Book Tour
December 12, 2017- MARKED FOR DEATH by JC Valentine Book Tour
December 12, 2017-ONLY FOR YOU by Melissa Foster Book Tour
December 10,2017-CLAIMING BAILEY by Susan Stoker Book Tour
December 9, 2017-FORBIDDEN DESIRE by Tina Donahue Book Tour
December 8, 2017-MINE TO SAVE by Diana Gardin Book Tour
December 7,2017-SO OVER YOU by Kate Meader Book Tour
December 5, 2017-ONCE UPON A Christmas Eve by Elizabeth Hoyt book tour
December 1, 2017-VILLAIN by Samantha Young book tour
November 30, 2017-PULLED UNDER by Lisa Renee Jones Book Tour
November 30, 2017-ALWAYS YOU by Denise Grover Swank Book Tour
November 29,2017-THE BACHELOR CONTRACT by Rachel Van Dyken Book Tour
November 28, 2017-MILLIONS by Pepper Winters Book Tour
November 25, 2017-SETH by Crimson Syn Book Tour
November 23, 2017-DIRTY FILTHY FIX by Laurelin Paige Book Tour
November 22, 2017-SECOND BEST by Noelle Adams Book Tour
November 22, 2017-LIPS CLOSE TO MINE by Robin Bielman Book Tour
November 20, 2017-ROCK SOLID by Carly Phillips & Erika Wilde
November 20, 2017-EVERSONG by Donna Grant Book Tour
November 18, 2017-WICKED TORTURE by J. Kenner Book Tour
November 17 ,2017-CHERISH HARD by Nalini Singh book tour
November 16, 2017-JUSTICE FOR ERIN by Susan Stoker Book Tour
November 16, 2017-AT YOU SERVICE by Lexi Blake Book Tour
November 15, 2017-TWISTED TRUTHS by Rebecca Zanetti book tour
November 14, 2017-THE NEGOTIATOR by HelenKay Dimon Book Tour
November 14, 2017-SEDUCING THE DEFENDANT by Chantal Fernando book tour
November 10, 2017- RUIN YOU by M. O’Keefe Book Tour
November 9,2017 – HARD WORK by KM Scott Book Tour
November 8,2017- AN EX FOR CHRISTMAS by Lauren Layne Book Tour
November 7, 2017-KAVANAGH CHRISTMAS by Sarah Robinson Book Tour
November 6, 2017-THE CHRISTMAS COWBOY HERO by Donna Grant Book Tour
November 3, 2017-FOLLOW by Tessa Bailey book tour
November 3, 2107-RIDE WILD by Laura Kaye book tour
November 2, 2017-THE HIGHLANDER’S CRUSADER BRIDE by Cathy & DD MacRae Book Tour
November 2, 2017- TOTALLY HIS by Erin Nicholas Book Tour
October 31, 2017-THE SCOT’S BRIDE by Paula Quinn book Tour
October 31, 2017-HARD BREAKER by Christine Warren book tour
October 29, 2017-TH HUNT by Monica James Book Tour
October 27, 2017-WICKE ENVY by Sawyer Bennett Book Tour
October 26, 2017-BRASH by JC Valentine Book Tour
October 25, 2017-CUFFED by K. Bromberg Book Tour
October 23, 2017-HARD WOOD by Lauren Blakely Book Tour
October 23, 2017-THE WHITE LILY by Juliette Cross Book Tour
October 20, 2017-IN TOO DEEP by Jordan Marie Book Tour
October 19, 2017-DUKE OF DESIRE by Elizabeth Hoyt Book Tour
October 18, 2017-DIRTY RICH ONE NIGHT STAND by Lisa Renee Jones Book Tour
October 17, 2017-BURN FOR YOU by JT Geissinger Book Tour
October 17, 2017-DREAMING OF A WHITE WOLF CHRISTMAS by Terry Spear Book Tour
October 16, 2017- HOLDING ONTO FOREVER by Heidi McLaughlin Book Tour
October 16, 2017-CRAVE Pt 2 by EK Blair Book Tour
October 15, 2017- MIDNIGHT UNLEASHED by Lara Adrian Book Tour
October 15, 2017-RESCUING BRYN by Susan Stoker book tour
October 14-2017-ALL I WANT FOR HALLOWEEN by Marie Harte book tour
October 14-2017- SWEET TIME by Nina Lane Book Tour
October 12, 2017- IN PIECES by Danielle Pearl Book Tour
October 12, 2017-THRILL OF LOVE by Melissa Foster Book Tour
October 10, 2017-DIRTY LITTLE PROMISE by Kendall Ryan Book Tour
October 10, 2017-CAN’T WALK AWAY by Sandy James Book Tour
October 10, 2017-HOT PURSUIT by Julie Ann Walker Book Tour
October 8, 2017- FOREVER OUR BOYS by Heidi McLaughlin Book Tour
October 5, 2017- The Duke of Danger by Darcy Burke book tour
October 4, 2017- Drop Dead Gorgeous by Juliet Lyons book tour
October 3, 2017-DAMNED by Alexandrea Weis Book Tour
October 1, 2017-STUD FINDER by Lauren Blakely Book Tour
September 30, 2017-SAVAGE RISING by Katie Reus Book Tour
September 30, 2017-MINE FOR THE WEEK by Erika Kelly Book Tour
September 29, 2017-RACER by Katy Evans Book Tour
September 27, 2017-Hot Stuff by Kim Karr book tour
September 27, 2017-Holiday Spice by Samantha Chase Book Tour
September 25, 2017- Chasing Christmas Eve by Jill Shalvis Book Tour
September 23, 2017-CAIN by Crimson Syn Book Tour
September 22, 2017-TREASURED BY A TIGER by Felicity Heaton Book Tour
September 21, 2017-ROCK ME (Bodyguard Bad Boy 1) by Carly Phillips book tour
September 19, 2017-LUCAS by Sawyer Bennett-Book Tour
September 19,2017-ROYAL PAIN by Tracy Wolff Book Tour
September 18, 2017-Dear Bridget I Want You by Vi Keeland/Penelope Ward Book Tour
September 18, 2017-WICKED DIRTY by J. Kenner Book Tour
September 17, 2017-WILD FOR YOU by JC Reed Book Tour
September 17, 2017-TRIPPED OUT by Lorelei James Book Tour
September 16, 2017-BARKING UP THE WRONG TREE by Juliette Poe Book Tour
September 15, 2017- DIRTY LITTLE SECRET by Kendall Ryan Book Tour
September 15, 2017-CONTRACTED DEFENSE by Piper J. Drake Book Tour
September 14, 2017- DRUNK ON YOU by Harper Sloan Book Tour
September 13, 2017-DELIRIOUS by MS Force Book Tour
September 13 2017- HIGHLAND FLAME by Mary Wine Book Tour
September 12, 2017-BLACK by Donya Lynne Book Tour
Septmber 11, 2017-DIRTY, FILTHY RICH LOVE by Laurelin Paige review tour
September 10, 2017 PROTECTING DAKOTA by Susan Stoker Book Tour
September 8, 2017-THE REAL THING by Melissa Foster Book Tour
September 7, 2017-VIGOR by JC Valentine Book Tour
September 6, 2017- ON THE CHASE by Katie Ruggle Book Tour
September 5, 2017- PLAY ROOM by Heidi McLaughlin & LP Dover book tour
September 1, 2017-MOST VALUABLE PLAYBOY by Lauren Blakely Book tour
September 1, 2017-HER DARK HALF by Paige Tyler Book Tour