Into the Demons Lair by M.A. Abraham – Review & Giveaway

Into the Demons Lair by M.A. Abraham – Review & Giveaway


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Into the Demons Lair
Elven Chronicles series – Book #11
by M.A. Abraham
Release Date: June 12, 2016

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After seeing Eärwen and Eöl reunited, Larien storms off. She is sickened by the endless evil the Demons continue to practice and she swears revenge against the Hordes for what they have done to her friends. She decides it is time that she should take a page from her mother’s past and put it into practice, with a twist. Instead of waiting for the enemy to act, she will take her Dragonets to attack the Demons where they live.

Rothliel has learned his Life Mate’s name and his brother tells him that the time has come for him to claim her. Lothrariel also tells him about her plans. He is not pleased with what he hears. Nothing, however, that he says deters her when they meet, and he is drawn into her game plan.

Neither Larien nor Rothliel are prepared for what they find. The Demon Mountains hide many secrets from the world. They are not what everyone thinks they are. What has the Drazon been hiding? They are about to find out, as they travel deep into the Demons Lair.





Into the Demons Lair by M.A. Abraham is the 11th book in her wonderful Elven Chronicles series.  Into the Demon’s Lair escalates the Demon war to one that threatens the lives of all the elves and their kingdoms.  Larien,  who is Serenity’s eldest daughter, decides to take matters in her own hands by taking  her dragonets and entering the Demon Mountain.  King Lothrariel sees a vision about Larien, and sends Rothliel to find her and bring her out of the mountain, which is too dangerous.  Lothrariel also knows that Larien is Rothliel’s lifemate.  Into this mix is Alyssa, who is Larien’s younger sister, who knows what Larien is up to and follows quietly behind to help her if needed. 

Into the Demons Lair is somewhat different than the earlier books.  The war is the main focus bringing in all the characters from earlier books, especially the young children who are now fully grown up, with many now generals in the Elven army, and all the Kings from the other Kingdoms.  Larien, Alyssa and Rothliel have sent messages to warn the others that the mountains are falling apart, and Demons are now coming out in full force to attack all the kingdoms.  The three of them inside the mountains are flabbergasted at how many demons that have been hidden; the number is astronomical, and the Elves know that this could be a war they cannot win.  During one of the explosions inside the cave, all three of them fall deeply into an opening. What they find upon awakening, is that they are being healed by different elves. Who and where are they from?   I will not tell too much more, as they will be spoilers.

This was an exciting story, with some twists. Larien, Alyssa and Rothleil were the center of much of the story, and helped create some humor.  However, most of the story was filled with action and preparation to fight a dangerous enemy.  I did have a couple of issues.  There are so many characters in the Elven Chronicles over the 11 books, and when bringing together everyone throughout the kingdoms to plan, and to fight was somewhat confusing trying to remember who was who.  Lastly, the finish was very exciting, as we knew that perhaps we can survive an onslaught, and then it ends. Glares at M.A. Abraham for leaving us totally hanging?  I know that this series usually ends to be continued, but so much was left that I wanted some closure before ending.  .  Sigh  Now I have to wait a long time for Kings of the Empire.

Reviewed by Barb

Copy provided by Author




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32 thoughts on “Into the Demons Lair by M.A. Abraham – Review & Giveaway

  1. Thank you for the great review Barb.

    Sorry for ending Into the Demons Lair on such a high note. 😉 That said, you will find that Kings of the Empire goes even more into the building up of the final battle. As you know, it has been written, and has entered final stage edits now. Brace yourself for a whale of a ride as Gabriel leads our Elves into a war that will rock the Empire.

  2. Great review Barb and I a with you I want Kings Of The Empire and yet I know we are going to lose a few elves I love. I loved the book and Have a signed Arc. so don’t enter me in the contest. I Shared on FB, Tweeted Google and Pinned the review.

  3. Very nice review Barb, thanks. Congrats to M.A. on the new release. I am going to presume the series should be read in order to get the gist of the story ?

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