Is This All There Is? by Patricia Mann-a review

IS THIS ALL THERE IS? By Patricia Mann-a review


ABOUT THE BOOK: Released January 3, 2013

Beth Thomas has the perfect life. At thirty-five, she’s married to her college sweetheart, has two adorable kids, and teaches part time at the local university. But when a friend persuades Beth to go dancing on a rare night out, a chance meeting with twenty one year old Dave, one of her former students, changes the course of her life. Loud music, too much to drink, and the thrill of feeling young again lead to an unforgettable kiss that was never supposed to happen. As she tries to put the memory behind her, Dave’s pursuit leaves Beth torn between what her mind says is right and what her heart and body crave.



Patricia Mann’s IS THIS ALL THERE IS ? is a story for anyone considering an affair. Whether it is an affair of the heart or a physical affair there are dangers, heartbreak, excitement, sorrow, anger, pain, retribution and regret.

Beth Thomas is a married woman with two small children, teaches part time at the local college and, she and her husband have fallen into a rut. Desire has given way to ambivalence and sex has given way to sleep. Like many young families, there are days, even weeks, where it seems everything leads to a diaper pail or washing machine. But for Beth Thomas, an opportunity presents itself in the guise of a former student who has had a major crush on his teacher since the first time he laid eyes on her.

What woman wouldn’t want the adoration and attention of a hot twenty-something young man who had yet to fall prey to the realities of life. But Beth knows she is treading into dangerous waters and no one will win in the end.

IS THIS ALL THERE IS is one woman’s journey into the unknown-a journey of discovery. Like many woman, Beth feels she is missing something in her life. She is not actively looking for anything or anyone, but she is floundering in her present circumstance. Real life isn’t pretty some days but the alternative is even uglier.

Relationships are difficult at best and many couples find themselves dissatisfied with the direction of their marriage. This is not to say that these couples stray or go looking for something on the side. Children can bring out a side to people that they never knew existed. Raising a family is hard, especially in today’s society where everyone is looking for something different, something new. And falling into a rut, into a familiar pattern but a pattern that is going around in circles, can sometimes pull the person into another direction. Whether intentionally or otherwise, looking for something different isn’t always better.

IS THIS ALL THERE IS is an eye-opener for anyone considering stepping outside of the marriage. Many women (and men) will recognize themselves-whether it is in the form of the married woman who is looking for something different or the mother whose self-image is now tied to her family. The reality of the situation will strike a chord with many readers and will have you thinking-IS THIS ALL THERE IS?

Patricia Mann has written a storyline, whether taken from real life or a work of fiction, that will make you sit up and think. It will be a difficult read for some, especially those who have experienced the emotional trauma and heartache of an affair. Is it worth the physical and emotional pain to look for something different or something you believe is more exciting, when everything you ever needed, was at home-waiting to be explored and discovered?

Patricia is currently writing a sequel to IS THIS ALL THERE IS?

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Reviewed by Sandy

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Patricia Mann


Patricia Mann is a university professor. She lives in California with her husband, their two kids, and a sweet, silly old dog.

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20 thoughts on “Is This All There Is? by Patricia Mann-a review

    • I agree, Alexiis. Too many couples today take each other for granted and don’t realize until it is too late. Real life is NOT the storylines we read about in the fantasy and paranormal novels…no 6’5″ supernaturally gifted man is going to swoop in and save us….or make life more exciting for anyone.

      • Case and point for sure Sandy. I admit, I was so influenced by the hero’s of the fantasy genre when it came to my views on love growing up. I met my now hubby at age 16. We were both too young for such a serious relationship I am sure, but it is when God chose to present our chance to us.

        I still remember how shocking it was, being smacked in the face with the “reality” of love. We had to grow, and learn WITH our relationship. We’ve been through alot, but make it through anything life throws our way because we just love each other too much to give up on the other person.
        Also, because we were just coming into adulthood upon meeting. Therefore, Josh has had a MAJOR impact on the woman I became, and likewise, he claims I made him a better man. Many people are so busy looking for the perfect guy or girl, they miss their chance of true happiness.

        Young people today (most, not all, as I suppose my 30 years is not ancient.) have little concept on the true dedication it takes to make it work, or what it means to “love someone through it all” . I once heard a statement in regards to marriage that cracked me up, but that I found so true.
        ~”You know you are in love, when you periodically want to kill your significant other….but dont, because you would miss them.”

        Too funny. So true. There are days I fight the urge to hit Josh over the head with my cookware….but if he was not in my life, I know I would miss even the frustration he makes me feel sometimes. Men. You cant live with them, you cant live without them. *snort*

        • Thanks Miranda. I sat back thinking about what everyone has said and even thought about the couples I know who have ‘sought’ out other people in their lives.

          In most cases, the ‘affair’ did not last and in the end no one was happy. The original couple is no longer together-both hurt by the other-whether it was because of the affair or the refusal to forgive and forget or the inevitable retaliation. And in EVERY case, the lover is no longer in the picture-gone off to destroy another life. The original couple is embroiled in custody battles, financial ruin and the need to hurt the other at all costs. Infidelity is one of the worst forms of betrayal and unless you have agreed to an open relationship, it is one of the hardest ‘sins’ to forgive. And in saying that…most open relationships/marriage do not work-someone eventually gets hurt.

          I think television and movies play a large role in today’s relationships-not saying they influence the relationship but the ‘virtual’ love , the perfection of the images and the ensuing flutter of happiness, joy etc….does not equate to the reality of life. The viewer does not see the burping and farting, dirty laundry, illness, or anything else that happens in the real world. The beautiful couple, so much in love, walks off into the sunset to live happily ever after.

          Many young couples WANT what they cannot have-they want the party life, the happy family, the perfect mate, the perfect body, the excitement of new beginnings, the elegant lifestyle of the rich and famous- and they want it all.

          The potential for happiness is grounded in reality. You have to make your own reality -but at what cost to others when you seek the ‘unreality’ of the scripted world.

          The saying -the grass is always greener on the other side- doesn’t know that the grass is ‘astroturf’ and can be picked up and thrown away at anytime.

  1. Wow Sandy. Your review alone leaves me a little breathless. This sounds like one of those books that resonate so deeply within you, and makes you think and feel so greatly that it stays with you years after finishing. Definately not a novel for my reading tastes. I am so opinionated about this issue that I am literally biting my tongue to prevent myself from flooding this comment thread. *laughing*

    I will say this…it is not that relationships are any harder than they have ever been for anyone else, past present or future….it is that so many people in todays society find it easier to just give up when times get tough, instead of upholding their wedding vows. Men, even wonderful ones like my hubby, are downright moody at times just like women. Their brains function the OPPOSITE of ours. It is fact. When a woman understands a man, and promises to love him no matter what, she should truly mean it, and her actions should back that up–same goes for the man. There should be no thoughts on “changing” the person we love, to suit our own happiness. Either you love them the way they are, or walk away.

    That “new” feeling we have when we first begin our relationship will eventually evolve into something deeper. So many people nowdays are fooled, thinking that this feeling “fading” means the love and passion has left–and so their mindset makes them vulnerable to a potential affair if perchance they meet someone who brings about this feeling again. But if they choose to act upon that, this feeling will fade with that person as well, and the next, and so on.

    There is more to love then sizzling chemistry, and butterflies. Looks fade as we age. Passions gives way to companionship…and all we have left are the qualities we saw in the person we love to enjoy in our last stage of life. Marriage, or long term relationships are a constant compromise. It’s caring about someone elses happiness more than your own often. Its about picking your battles, and taking the bad with the good. The majority of my generation, and upcoming generations find it easier to just give up, and not FIGHT for each other. This is why divorce rate is so astronomically larger than years past. Not because relationships are harder, but because it is easier to move on and find the next new partner.

    *looking at length of commet* … hell. Did I say I wasnt gonna flood this review. Appologies ladies. *sheepish look* Phenomenal review Sandy

  2. Great review, Sandy. I agree with a few above, this is not for me. When I started to read On the Island, I worried about this. But that was different, years passed, stuck on an island, and the boy was older then. So that was different. Terrific review though.

    • The ‘student’ in question in this novel is almost 22 years old. He was an adult when he first encountered the teacher…unlike the island where the male protagonist was around 16 years old when the couple was first thrown together.

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