It’s Gotta Be You by LuAnn McLane – a Review

It’s Gotta Be You by LuAnn McLane – a Review


It's Gotta Be You

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Meet the Heart Brothers: formerly the members of the cult-phenomenon boy band Heartbeat, now they’re all grown up and back together for one last reunion tour. Trends may come and go, but a group of sexy brothers with a penchant for song and dance never goes out of style…

After the success of the Heartbeat reunion, Oliver Heart wants a shot at a solo singing career. But you don’t get famous without publicity so he decides to agree to fake a romance with former pop sensation Belinda Beal, who is desperate to revive her career or face financial ruin. Oliver and Belinda are already experts at playing this silly game with the paparazzi back in their glory days and definitely hate the public displays of fake affection. But it isn’t long before pretend romance begins to lead to more in this rollicking romance featuring LuAnn McLane’s “lovely, sweetly sexy, terrifically enjoyable”




It’s Gotta Be You by LuAnn McLane is the 2nd book in her Heartthrob series.  I loved the first book, All I Ever Wanted, in this series.   I am happy to say that It’s Gotta Be You was equally as good.  This series revolves around the brothers of a former boy band ‘Heartbeat”, who in the last book made a comeback with a special reunion show, which had a successful release of a new song.  The proceeds went to the Lupus foundation that they had created for their deceased mom.  The brothers have not really decided if they want to restart the band, despite the successful reunion.

In It’s Gotta Be You, Oliver Heart, our hero, is considering a solo career, and he has his brothers blessing.  However, Oliver’s agents are pushing him to get some needed publicity by doing a fake romance with Belinda Beal, our heroine.  Belinda and Oliver had a fake romance as teenagers, when both careers were at the top.  Belinda had quit, but now she needs money to help her family, and wants to restart her career, so she is gung ho to do this.

Belinda shows up unexpected (an eye opener) at Oliver’s house, and even though he isn’t sure he wants to do this, it doesn’t take long for his old hidden feelings to rise and he changes his mind.   Belinda all grown up is beautiful and sexy, and though she hides her nerves, she entices Oliver. 

In a short time, we learn that the fake romance from years before hid both of their true feelings, with each not admitting that they had fallen for each other.   With attractions at a high, they both agree to move on with the fake romance (which is not really fake), and make sure people (media) see them together.   Their romance becomes scorching hot, with so much chemistry we figure it’s a no brainer that they will find a way to make this real.  Oliver already knows he is in love with Belinda, but when her family gives her a surprise, she decides she needs to go home to help her family, even though she loves him too.  Will Oliver leave all he has behind and follow Belinda?   Will Belinda be able to get over her love of Oliver?  You will have to read this book to find out.

It’s Gotta Be You was a sweet sexy romance, with a great couple, wonderful secondary characters, music theme, and pure fun throughout the story. LuAnn McLane once again gives us another sweet romance, and I for one cannot wait to see who will be the hero in the next book.

Reviewed by Barb

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