Jaded by Anne Calhoun – a Review

Jaded by Anne Calhoun – a Review



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After life as a cop in Denver leaves him burned-out, Lucas Ridgeway returns to Walkers Ford, South Dakota, to serve as their chief of police. He’s hoping to start over with a clean slate and avoid any emotional entanglements—even after his next-door neighbor kisses him senseless. Alana is passionate, dedicated, and most importantly leaving town soon. So why not have some fun?

Alana Wentworth comes from a larger-than-life political family, yet all she wanted was to be a librarian. Then after an embarrassing marriage proposal from Mr. Not-For-Her, she jumps at the chance to live her dream for a few months. She wasn’t supposed to get involved with the community—or sexy, troubled Lucas. But when the time comes for Alana to put Walkers Ford behind her, she’s not ready. And Lucas may not be ready for her to go…


Jaded by Anne Calhoun is a wonderful romance, with an interesting and sweet storyline.  Alana Wentworth comes from a high profile family, with political backgrounds.  Alana helps her older sister, as she specializes in research.  But when an unwanted proposal causes embarrassment, Alana decides to take a consulting job in Walkers Ford, South Dakota.  He r job is work up a proposal to revamp the town library, which is something Alana excels in.  What she doesn’t plan on, is falling for her landlord, Lucas Ridgeway, the towns chief of police. 

Alana doesn’t want commitment, as she knows she will only be in Walkers Ford for a few months, but that doesn’t stop her from trying to attract the attention of the hot Lucas.  Of course, Lucas, who himself isn’t interested in any kind of entanglement is no match for from Alana’s attempt to get his attention.  Their romance, which begins fast, with each claiming no commitments, just for their fun; but it becomes a very sensual, scorching hot affair.  Jaded is also a story of how many people become involved working with Alana, and she changes and affects their lives; from the local teenage bad boy; the elderly lady who works with Alana; Lucas’s sister & Duke the dog; and of course, Lucas.  He knows he is falling in love with Alana, but understands that she has commitments and he will lose her. 

 Alana finds Walkers Ford feels more like home, then her own world she lives in.  It is a beautiful story, with Alana being an important part of helping people rise above their issues, and change; as well as opening Lucas and her own heart.  Will Alana go home?  Will Lucas express his love to Alana to keep her? Will Cody, the teenage bad boy revert back to his bad ways?  You need to read this book to find the answers.  Anne Calhoun has weaved a wonderful story, in a small town; with a hot steamy couple.

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