Kendare Blake-Interview with the Author

Kendare Blake-Interview with the Author


TRC:  Hi Kendare and welcome to The Reading Café.  Congratulations on your new release in the Anna Dressed in Black series-Girl of Nightmares.  We would like to start with some background information.


Would you please tell us something about yourself?


Kendare:  Well, let’s see…I’ve got two cats and a horse, but the horse lives away from me, at eternal summer camp. We recently discovered one of the cats is gravely ill. We’re preparing for a very tough time around here.

TRC:  We are sorry to hear that. 🙁

TRC:  Many authors develop their interest in writing at an early age.  What sparked your interest in writing?

Kendare:  The stories I read. They were so much more fun than real life. They still are!

TRC:  What challenges or difficulties have you faced as a writer?

Kendare:  Probably the same ones we all face…rejection. And then some more rejection. And then…rejection. Also a lot of uncertainty, and things being out of my control.


TRC:  Anna Dressed in Blood is your first book in the Young Adult series appropriately named the same.  Would you please tell us about the premise of the series?

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Kendare:  Anna Dressed in Blood tells the story of Cas Lowood, a young ghost hunter set on killing the murderous dead and eventually avenging his dead father (who was eaten by a ghost in Baton Rouge). Along the way he comes across Anna Dressed in Blood, the ghost of a murdered sixteen year old girl who kills everyone who steps into her abandoned Victorian. She turns out to be the hardest fight of his life, and then…hijinks ensue.

TRC: Which genre would you categorize this particular series?  Paranormal? Horror? Urban Fantasy? Or a combination?

Kendare:  People say it’s horror. And who am I to argue?

TRC: The storyline description on some of the book-sellers states for ages 13 and up, yet there is plenty of graphic violence and disturbing passages.  Do you think the age level is appropriate to the storyline content?

Kendare:  The appropriateness depends on the person reading. When I was thirteen I was well into Stephen King and Anne Rice. About a year away from Bret Easton Ellis. But I know some people it’d be too much for. So, it all depends.


TRC:  GIRL OF NIGHTMARES is the most recent release in the Anna Dressed in Blood series.  Would you please tell us about the premise?

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Kendare:  GIRL OF NIGHTMARES picks up a few months after the events of Anna Dressed in Blood. Cas is trying to move on, learning how to stay in one place with his newfound friends, Carmel and Thomas. Unfortunately, Anna doesn’t seem to be willing to let him. He sees horrible visions of her, almost like a haunting. Girl of Nightmares is his quest to find out just what happened to Anna, and to pull her out of Hell is she’s suffering. But finding answers might cost him his life.

TRC:  How many books do you have planned for this series?

Kendare: Two. Girl of Nightmares is the last. I’m 90% sure.

TRC:  🙂

TRC:  What difficulties or challenges have you encountered getting this particular series to publication?

Kendare:  Honestly, it’s all gone so smoothly! The team at Tor has been so supportive, and I have no complaints! Now I have to go find some wood to knock.


TRC:  Writer’s Block is a very real phenomenon for many authors. How do you handle the anxiety and stress of writer’s block?

Kendare:  Once again, knocking wood…I’ve never had writer’s block. But it sounds terrible.


TRC:  Many authors bounce ideas with other authors, or between family and friends.  With whom do you bounce ideas?

Kendare:  Myself mostly. Sometimes friends, or my husband. Occasionally my cat, but he’s super critical.

TRC:  Do you think you have a specific style of writing and if so, will you please describe the style?

Kendare:  Oh wow. I don’t know. Dark? Sarcastic? Gore-embracing?

TRC:  On what are you currently working?

Kendare:  I’m working on revisions for ANTIGODDESS, which is releasing next August. It’s the start of a trilogy that may or may not be called The Goddess War, and it’s about dying Greek gods and reincarnated teen heroes.

TRC:  Would you like to add anything else?

Kendare:  I think you’ve covered everything! But thank you, to the readers and proprietors of The Reading Cafe! Great questions 🙂 And oooh, a Lighting Round!


Favorite Food – French food. Sauces. Yes.

Favorite Dessert – Chocolate cake. Dense, but not too rich. With white frosting, or creme fraiche or something.

Favorite TV Show – Right now? Uh….Fringe. Or Game of Thrones.

Favorite Movie – Right now? Uh…The Dark Knight Rises. Or Melancholia.

Last Movie you SawSomething on SyFy called Open Graves. Silly. Fun. Kids playing a game that granted you one wish if you won, but killed you if you lost. Like a way less fun and more boring Jumanji.

Dark or Milk Chocolate – MILK!!! (I’m sorry for yelling.)

(Everyone yells for chocolate) 😉

Do you have any pets? – Yes. Two catsons named Tybalt and Mojo Jojo. Yes, Tybalt was in the books. One horse named Lassie. She’s very belligerent.

TRC:  Thank you Kendare for taking the time to answer our questions.  Once again, congratulations on the release of GIRL OF NIGHTMARES.  All the best on your future novels and storylines.


12 thoughts on “Kendare Blake-Interview with the Author

  1. Great interview Kendare, and TRC. I loved the humorous responses! I was laughing out loud at the critical cat! Too funny. Makes me think of the look my own cat gives me when he is displeased….

  2. Wonderful Interview, Kendare and Sandy. I love your sense of humor, and I agree with Miranda. Your critical cat is cute, I think those of us who have cats understand that totally. lol I have two.

    Sorry though to hear about your sick cat, unfortunatley, I have gone through that.

    Kendare, I think most people do not know how much pain there is in trying to get your books published. The rejections are hard to hear, and even best selling authors like Sherry Kenyon had numerous rejections before she finally made it big. The same for John Grisham and many others. It isn’t all glamour in the beginning.

    • Kendare, i forgot to tell you I love Fringe and Game of Thrones.
      I wasn’t happy that the Emmy awards didn’t nominate Anna Torv, as she is great, playing that dual role so well.

  3. Thanks Kendare and Sandy for the great interview. I was also laughing about the critical cat. I think all cats appear critical, now that I think about it! This series is one I might not have looked at on my own, but now that I read a review, they are looking very intriguing! I wish you continued success !! PS, you look cool and mysterious with your shades on!!

  4. Wonderful review, ladies!!! Ms. Kendare’s answers were so enjoyable and honest, I’m even more intrigued by this series. Gorgeous covers, by the way!!!

    Cat people….just the best!!!! 😉 Ok…animal lovers….I don’t want to offend! I’ve got 2 myself: Cullen, YES, OF COURSE, and Sweeney Todd; borderline psychotic. ;D

  5. Hi Kendare and welcome. First off, Iike your name, very unique. Love the interview, great sense of humour. Even though I don’t own a cat(allergy problems) I love them, and your critical cat comment had me chuckling. Your stories sound interesting and I will have to check them out. Thanks for visiting with us.

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