Kept (Coveted #2) by Shawntelle Madison-a review

KEPT (Coveted #2) by Shawntelle Madison

KEPT is the second storyline (November 27, 2012 release) in Shawntelle Madison’s paranormal Coveted series. Now that her return to the pack was to be tested, Natalya Stravinsky would have to overcome a few obstacles including her OCDs, a penchant for collecting holiday ornaments and a broken heart that has been five years in the making. But when her father is called in to repay a ‘moon debt’ to another pack, it will be Natalya and her therapy group of supernatural friends that will make right a wrong from so many years ago.

As in the previous storyline, Natalya continues to suffer through a series of emotional disorders that hamper her life as both human and wolf. When her father does not return from repaying a debt, Natalya, along with her brother Alex and pack alpha Thorn will venture into enemy territory. But no sooner do they arrive when Nat must make a decision that could affect everyone she loves. Hoping to save her father’s life, Nat agrees to repay the debt herself and in doing so, has now risked her own life.

Nick continues as Natalya’s therapy buddy as well as something more. As a wizard, it was Nick who was instrumental in helping Natalya when the Long Island Pack wanted to take her life, but now that they are on an adventure to save her father, Nick will profess that his feelings for Nat are more than just friendship. But Nat’s heart has and always will be lost to Thorn, even though he is promised to someone else. I am terrible with the love triangles. I am not a fan. I want everyone to be happy. Love triangles suck!!

Shawntelle once again brings together the many varied and vibrant supernatural friends from therapy. As Heidi continues to struggle with her fear of the ocean, she and Abby, along with Nick will join Natalya as she endeavors to repay her father’s moon debt. But the cargo they must transport is magical and the power emanating from the most unlikely of passengers will help Nat as she keeps her promise for her father.

Throughout the storyline, Thorn continues to send mixed signals to Nat. She has never stopped loving the man who is now the pack alpha, but his betrothal to another has all but shattered her heart. Thorn will reveal the truth behind the nature of the union, and in doing so will admit to Nat the truth. And all too soon, Nat would become the target of a very enraged alpha-female to be, and must accept a fight to the death in order to prove her worthiness.

Shawntelle writes a fast paced, engaging storyline that kept my attention from the very first page. Although at times my heart broke when Natalya’s fears and anxieties would overcome such a young woman, it only made it worse knowing that there were members of her family who believed she wasn’t worth the air that she breathed. Many people suffering rejection and loss will sympathize with the heroine but it was, at times, difficult to read how badly she wanted to fit in and those who professed to be family could destroy her with only a few words-sometimes family need to be shown the door. Shawntelle takes us on an emotional ride that is very reminiscent of many of today’s real-life stories. But I was hoping for Natalya to make some sort of breakthrough.  In fact some of her problems are compounded by her lifestyle decisions.  And the love  triangle is difficult in any storyline. Congratulations on another new release. I hope everyone gets a chance to read the Coveted series by Shawntelle Madison.

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