Killing Time (One Eyed Jacks #1) by Cindy Gerard-a review

KILLING TIME (One Eyed Jacks #1) by Cindy Gerard-a review

Killing Time

ABOUT THE BOOK:  Release Date-January 29, 2013

An exciting new series featuring Mike “Primetown” Brown, a character from her popular “Black Ops, Inc.” series.

For the seven years after Operation Slam Dunk went south, Mike Brown got drunk on each anniversary. The eighth year was no different–until he was drugged by a woman and woke up to her questions about what had happened eight years ago in Afghanistan.

CIA attorney Eva Salinas has her own theory behind what happened to Mike’s team–which included her husband–in Afghanistan eight years ago, and she’s determined to prove foul play. Though she doesn’t trust him, Mike is the only person she can turn to for help. Under an assumed name, Eva convinces Mike to assemble a new team and go after the traitor who screwed up both their lives. As they track down the rogue who started it all, Eva and Mike discover they can’t live without each other. But can they stay alive while an enemy is still on the loose?


REVIEW: KILLING TIME (One Eyed Jacks #1) is the new spin-off series based on Cindy Gerard’s best selling Black-Ops Inc series focusing on the men of the Special Forces team known as One Eyed Jacks and fans of Cindy’s BOI series will not be disappointed.

Three members are all that remain of the infamous One Eyed Jacks Special Forces team from a mission that went horribly wrong eight years earlier and the team leader faces his demons and guilt everyday of his life. But when his past collides with his present, Mike knows that Eva Salinas will be the key to future.

Cindy revisits the fateful day with Mike and we are privy to his recounting of what happened but his recounting does not quite match the official report. As Mike and Eva dig deeper, they will discover that the entire mission was a set up and Mike’s team paid the ultimate price-only Mike should have been one of the casualties as well.

Killing Time is a fantastic start to Cindy Gerard’s new One Eyed Jack series. There is plenty of heart-pounding action, suspense, romance and a little sex to keep the reader sitting on the edge of their seat. With plenty of military lingo and soul- searching dialogue, Cindy brings the war in the Middle East back home and onto the pages of a wonderfully written and an amazingly detailed storyline and into our homes. I am a big fan of Cindy Gerard’s BOI series and she has continued her amazing storylines with her new One Eye Jacks series.

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Copy supplied by the author.

Reviewed by Sandy


11 thoughts on “Killing Time (One Eyed Jacks #1) by Cindy Gerard-a review

  1. Wonderful review, Sandy. This new series sounds great,. Will it matter that I have not read the first series. I would like to, but have no time at this point. But a first book in a new series is good, will it ruin the first series?

  2. Great review, Sandy. I may start with the first series, then work my way to this book. I am falling behind though, with all the books you are all recommending.

  3. Action and suspense with a sprinkle of romance is just my type of book. Concerned about the military “lingo”….but everything else sounds amazing. Great review Sandy!

  4. Sandy,enjoiyed your review. I’ve always enjoyed Navy Seals, Black Opps, etc. Starting to read Lori Foster’s Mercenaries series and I’m really enjoying it. I add Cindi’s series to my TBR list.

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