Kiss of Danger (The Dragon Legion Novellas #1) by Deborah Cooke-a review

KISS OF DANGER (The Dragon Legion Novellas #1) Dragonfire 9a

Kiss of Danger

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ABOUT THE BOOK: Release Date February 6, 2013

They will sacrifice anything to regain the loves they’ve lost…

Alexander knew he had to fulfill his duty to his kind, the dragon shape shifters called the Pyr, even at the price of abandoning his new wife and young son. After he and his fellows were enchanted for centuries, then finally set free in a future long after their own time, Alexander feared he would never return to his love. Against all odds, the darkfire crystal makes his dream come true, flinging him across the centuries to the world he left behind. Is this his chance to regain the life he lost? Has Katina waited for him? Or has the darkfire crystal sent him back in time for some mysterious purpose of its own?


REVIEW: If you have ever wondered what happened to the Dragon’s Teeth Warriors-the remaining group of 17 Pyr who had been ‘beguiled by an ancient viper, enchanted to take the form of dragon’s teeth and trapped for a millennia’, The Dragon Legion novellas answers some of your questions. Kiss of Danger is Alexander’s story.

Deborah takes the reader on a journey that spans the centuries. Where once, one of the darkfire crystals was hidden in Lorenzo’s hoarde, the Dragon’s Teeth Warriors were now in possession. As the leader of the Warriors, Drake felt the pull of the crystal and with each calling the Warriors were hurdled through time, never knowing where and when they would land. This particular journey finds Alexander, back home, with the mate and son he had abandoned centuries ago, to find that only eight years had past and his family was struggling to survive. Life had changed for his mate and son, and he would recognize that perhaps he was no longer an integral part of their lives.

Deborah brings in many familiar names from past and present, and not only do the Dragon Teeth warriors time travel but they discover that each will be called home at some time. A contemporary enemy returns to the past to seek out another source of the Dragon’s Blood Elixir.

Deborah has written another amazing storyline in the Dragonfire series. She pulls us in by referencing the characters and storylines we have grown to love and we watch as the past collides with future (or present).

Reviewed by Sandy


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