Laura’s Wolf (Werewolf Marines #1) by Lia Silver-a review

Laura’s Wolf (Werewolf Marines #1) by Lia Silver-a review

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Laura’s Wolf (Werewolf Marines #1) by Lia Silver

ABOUT THE BOOK: March 5, 2014

Roy Farrell is convinced that he has no future.

Roy never wanted to be anything but a Marine. But on his last tour of duty, he was bitten by a werewolf. Next thing he knew, he was locked up in a secret underground laboratory. Despite the agony caused by his newly enhanced senses, he managed to escape his captors. Unable to return to the Marines, his entire life shattered, he hid out in the woods of Yosemite.

Laura Kaplan is desperate to escape her past.

Curvy bank teller Laura was acclaimed as a hero for her courage during a bank robbery gone violently wrong. Overcome with guilt over the people she couldn’t save, she fled the city to seek solace in a lonely cabin in Yosemite. But she can’t run forever from the dark secrets of her past.

Can two broken people heal each other?

After Roy is badly wounded saving Laura from a mysterious enemy, they take refuge together in her snowed-in cabin. Forced to depend on each other for their very survival, they must come together to save their lives, face their fears, and find their hearts.


REVIEW: LAURA’S WOLF is the first storyline in Lia Silver’s contemporary, adult WEREWOLF MARINES paranormal series. The focus of this storyline is on former marine Roy Farrell and bank teller Laura Kaplan. When Laura arrives at her father’s Yosemite mountain hideaway for a much needed R&R she will discover that she is not alone. Homeless and suffering horrendous PTSD Roy Farrell has found his peace and solitude in the Kaplan’s barn. What he never expected was to find the woman who would one day be his alpha mate.

The focus of the storyline is the building relationship between Roy and Laura but also the debilitating PTSD suffered by those who have witnessed and survived traumatic events. Not only does Roy blame himself for the disaster in Afghanistan that took the life of a friend but he awoke in a military research centre as a werewolf without a pack. Add a secret government lab and Roy’s flashbacks, emotional disturbances and sensory overload push the marine over the edge and beyond. As the storyline progresses, Laura will become the target of another werewolf pack and her life will never be the same.

The relationship between Roy and Laura is slow to build as a good portion of the storyline focuses on the cause and symptoms of Roy’s PTSD. Their attraction to one another is immediate; Roy’s wolf knows that Laura is his mate but it will take the man a little longer to understand the needs and the wants. Roy is so immersed in past that he is unable to get on with his life.

The storyline reads like a psychological research paper where our hero is unable to move forward or forgive himself for what happened overseas; his symptoms and reactions are catastrophic and place himself and the others in danger; he is a lone wolf who needs the company of the pack but a pack that does not know he exists.

The world building brings together many secondary characters as well as the introduction of Roy’s sire and friend. At times the focus of the storyline plot was lost in the copious amount of PTSD symptomology and it didn’t stop with our hero but branched out to other members of the pack and Laura as well-everyone suffered some form of PTSD. The ebb and flow of the storyline pacing was also a victim of the symptomology and, there were a few inconsistencies that should have been caught by a good beta or proof reader.

Overall, LAURA’S WOLF is an interesting read. There is a building romance; a little bit of sex; heartbreaking and emotional PTSD; developing friendships and the start on the long road to recovery. Roy Farrell’s healing process is only the beginning and I hope to see a HEA for Laura and her mate.

And YES, that is the one and only Francis J Cura on the cover 😉


Copy supplied by the author.

Reviewed by Sandy


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  1. Wonderful review Sandy-always love a shifter storyline.Sounds like an interesting premise will all of the PTSD scenario-almost like a special ops storyline.

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