Legalizing Kane by Sara Holland-a review

LEGALIZING KANE by Sara Holland-a review

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ABOUT THE BOOK: Release Date November 12, 2016

Libby Michaels is pulling her life back together after escaping – barely – from an abusive relationship. On a dream trip to Tahiti, she meets Kane Ellis, the shaggy maned lead singer of one of the hottest new hair bands around. But their brief encounter ends badly, leaving Libby with no doubts that she just isn’t cut out for one night stands.

Back home in New York, though, chance throws them together once more, and their connection rekindles, quickly building to an unstoppable blaze of lust. And maybe love.

But when the fates are being so kind, there’s always a price to pay.


REVIEW: LEGALIZING KANE by Sara Holland is a stand alone, contemporary, erotic, romance story line focusing on musician/singer Kane Ellis, and attorney Libby Michaels.

Told from dual third person points of view (Kane and Libby) LEGALIZING KANE follows the forbidden relationship between attorney Libby Michaels, and singer Kane Ellis. While on vacation in Tahiti, our heroine Libby had a one-night stand with a man she knew only as Kane. Back home, Libby is assigned an exclusive client-a musician who needs a personal attorney-enter Kane Ellis, the man who is currently at the forefront of Libby’s desires. What ensues is the building relationship between attorney and client- a relationship Libby wants to keep on the down low, and Libby’s need to move on from her past.

Libby’s previous relationship has scarred our heroine both inside and out; her ability to trust has been fractured, and her relationship with Kane struggles with Libby’s emotionally, needy demands. Kane is a professional musician whose lifestyle finds our hero missing the woman that calls to his heart as he is about to head out on tour.

The relationship between Kane and Libby is one of immediate attraction but a relationship that Libby hopes to hide from people with whom she works. One of Kane’s band mates has a love-hate relationship with Libby Michaels, and Libby’s past tries one more time to intimidate our story line heroine. The $ex scenes are numerous, intense and provocative without the use of the over the top sexually graphic language and text.

We are introduced to Kane’s fellow band mates, as well as Libby’s boss Jake, and her friend and co-worker Jo-Jo may or may not have an interest in Kane’s band mate Max-here’s hoping for another story line or novella.

I did struggle with one particular issue of the story line as is pertained to Libby’s past and the man who destroyed her trust. Libby’s issues stemmed from the previous abuse, and the possibility that the man in question refused to accept that Libby had move on but for all intents and purposes, the ‘threats’ were more of a red-herring as nothing came to fruition throughout the story line build up. The resolution of the threats was never addressed to completion.

LEGALIZING KANE is a passionate and heartwarming story line. The premise is romantic and encouraging: the characters are animated, colorful and engaging; the romance is seductive and inspiring. LEGALIZING KANE is an intimate and intoxicating story line about two sensual and playful people.

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