Lost Lyric (Found in Oblivion #4) by Cari Quinn & Taryn Elliott-a review

LOST LYRIC (Found in Oblivion #4) by Cari Quinn and Taryn Elliott-a review

Lost Lyric

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ABOUT THE BOOK: Release Date May 12, 2017

He’s her good boy gone bad…

Rockstar Ryan Waters has always been the responsible one in his band, Warning Sign. The guy who kept an eye on business while chasing his musical dreams with his best friends. And his closest friend lately just happens to be their tour bus driver, Denver Casey.

Denver Casey is on the run from her past, and she’s careful to stay within her boundaries. Until Ryan becomes her partner in crime and one by one, those boundaries start to crumble. He’s the exact opposite from the guy she’s tried so desperately to leave behind.

Then Ryan turns up missing. And her terror that he’s hurt—or worse—leads to something dark and intoxicating. They both love adrenaline, except this time, the addiction is each other.

Falling for her best friend means putting everything on the line, win or lose. But if her hidden past comes back to haunt them, she might also end up risking her life.

And Ryan’s.


REVIEW: LOST LYRIC is the fourth installment in Cari Quinn and Taryn Elliott’s contemporary, adult FOUND IN OBLIVION erotic, romance series focusing on the rock band Warning Sign. This is rockstar Ryan Waters, and tour bus driver Denver Casey’s story line. The FOUND IN OBLIVION series is a spin off from Quinn and Elliott’s LOST IN OBLIVION series. Several characters from LIO cross over including band manager Lila Shawcross and record company owner Donovan Lewis. You do not have to have read the other series to follow or understand the events of LOST LYRIC. Lost Lyric can be read as a stand alone without any difficulty.

Told from dual third person perspectives (Ryan and Denver) LOST LYRIC follows the friends to lovers relationship between musician Ryan Waters, and the band’s bus driver Denver Casey. Throughout the series the sexual attraction and energy between our leading couple has been palpable but Denver Casey tries to keep her distance from everyone including the man that calls to her heart. Denver Casey is on the run, hiding from her past, and driving cross country keeps our heroine on the move, all the time. Enter Ryan Waters, musician, best friend, and the man who pushes all of Denver’s buttons. What ensues is the building romance between Denver and Ryan, and the fall out when Denver’s past catches up on the road.

The relationship between Denver and Ryan is a friends to lovers romance. Denver struggles with her attraction to Ryan, a man who battles his own demons throughout the story. Ryan Waters knows Denver is the woman that calls to his heart but her back and forth emotional upheaval continues to send mixed messages to our story line hero. The $ex scenes are intimate and erotic. There are some light BDSM scenes including anal and rope play, toys and spanking.

The world building continues to follow the band on tour towards the ultimate acknowledgement by their friends and fans. Denver’s struggle to keep one step ahead of her past will culminate in a show down between the present and the past with some help from an unlikely source.

All of the members of Warning Sign play secondary and supporting roles including Juliet Reece (Triple Trouble), Michael Shawcross and Chloe Adams (Bedded Bliss), drummer Malachi Shawcross, lead singer Molly McIntire, keyboardist West Reynolds and psychology major Lauren Bryant (Dirty Duet). We are also re-introduced to Lauren’s best friend Professor Ethan Haywood –a man who may or may not have a romantic interest in Molly McIntire. Mal, Molly and Ethan’s story line is next in Perfect Pitch-August 2017.

LOST LYRIC is a story about music, friendship, family and love. The premise is sexy and intoxicating; the characters are spirited, flawed and energetic; the romance is provocative, emotional and intense. LOST LYRIC is a passionate look at one couple fated by circumstance, on the road towards their happily ever after.

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