LOTHAIRE by Kresley Cole

LOTHAIRE by Kresley Cole

LOTHAIRE  by Kresley Cole is the latest book in the Immortals After Dark series.

Released January 10, 2012, Kresley Cole just completed a week-long tour with cover model Paul Marron (be still my heart) to fantastic turn outs. I do believe, the magnificent Paul helped in that department. LOTHAIRE continues the storyline a few weeks after Dreams of a Dark Warrior

Lothaire, Enemy of Old, believes he has found his mate, Saroya, but there are complications. Saroya, a goddess without substance, inhabits the human body of Elizabeth Pierce, a coal miner’s daughter from Louisiana. When Lothaire first meets ‘Saroya’ (as Elizabeth) , the goddess he believes to be his mate, he is blooded-his heart begins to beat and his need to consummate the relationship is without end. But ‘Saroya, is evil personified, and the reason Lothaire believes that the goddess is his true-mate. While inhabiting the body of Elizabeth, Saroya goes on a killing spree, and when Elizabeth is fingered in the murders, she is tried and sentenced to death row.

Five years later, Elizabeth Pierce, well aware that a demon has taken possession of her body, refuses to save herself from the electric chair. During her incarceration, she has completed university and only on a couple of occasion has the goddess, come to the surface. But, hoping her death, will also end the ‘life’ of the demon Saroya, Elizabeth accepts her fate and welcomes her execution. But Lothaire refuses to allow Elizabeth to die, fearing she will end the life of his mate-the woman who would be his queen.

From Death Row to Lothaire’s New York apartment, Elizabeth feels she has replaced one prison for another equally abhorrent. Lothaire is on a mission. He seeks revenge against those who murdered his mother, and against the father who cast aside a son and mate. To regain his rightful position as heir to a Horde throne, Lothaire seeks retribution and keeps a record of every debt that is owed to him by the Lore. Elizabeth has been marked by many of the Lorians for death—as the mate to Lothaire, Enemy of Old–she is targeted by those who want retribution against Lothaire.

But Elizabeth is falling for her captor, in a ‘Stockholm Syndrome’ psychological game of good vs evil. She does not understand her feelings for Leo, as she calls him (Lothaire Enemy of Old-LEO), but she is losing her heart to one of the oldest and coldest vampires in the Lore. And Lothaire, is falling for the human-not the goddess Saroya.

Elizabeth internally battles Saroya for dominance of her own body, but when the demon-goddess surfaces, she isn’t what Lothaire hopes or expects. Saroya is the goddess of death and destruction, not birth and life, as is her twin, therefore, she wants nothing to do with the vampire. He is a means to an end. She wants to be crowned queen, but does not want the responsibilities or duties as a mate. She is a virgin and will remain a virgin til her death. When Lothaire finally realizes that Elizabeth is the woman who brought him back to life, he is stunned, that a mere human can be his mate and equal.

Throughout her captivity with Lothaire, Elizabeth is subjected to Lothaire’s condescending attitude and actions. His disrespect towards the human, is painful and one that will nearly end his own life. But once he has claimed Elizabeth as his mate, Lothaire demands she be turned. As a vampire, Elizabeth will not be as vulnerable as a human, and her life will be equaled to that of the immortals.

But when Lothaire is finally seated on the Horde throne, he is without his mate. His actions and attitude towards Elizabeth have caused a major trauma in their relationship, and she is, once again, held captive—but this time—the Valkyrie are holding her prisoner. Without her mate, Elizabeth is now at the mercy of the petite Lorians, who insist that she become part of the family.

The release of Kresley Cole’s LOTHAIRE has been anticipated for a while. Lothaire has been present in virtually all of the Immortals After Dark novels, building his storyline, giving the reader, small bits of information that needed a culmination in a book of his own. We re-visit: Dorado, the ghoul-like mummified creature searching for the RIIINNNGGGG; Nix the All Knowing-or Nucking Futs Nix as Lothaire’s oldest and only friend; Thaddeus the young vampire/demon who befriended Lothaire in prison; and the Valkyrie-with their squeals that could deafen an entire city.

Kresley introduces Lothaire’s extended family of vampires including a young female cousin-Kosmina. I sense a potential match between Kosmina and Thaddeus , but that could only be my spidey-senses going into over drive. With these introductions, Kresley has opened a new branch of the family to continue with the Immortals After Dark series of novels and storylines. LOTHAIRE is another great read in this wonderful series. Although, Lothaire is much colder and darker than most of her previous characters (he rips out his own blackened heart and gives it to his mate as a symbol of his hatred towards her), the love of a fated-mate, melts the ice surrounding his once deadened soul.

Review by Sandy S.


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