LOVER’S INSTINCT (Moon Shifter 1.5) by Katie Reus-a review

LOVER’S INSTINCT (Moon Shifter #1.5) by Katie Reus

LOVER’S INSTINCT (Moon Shifter Novella #1.5) by Katie Reus

LOVER’S INSTINCT is the August 7, 2012 release in Katie Reus’s Moon Shifter series.

Nikan Lawless is a wolf shifter: an alpha warrior who knows what he wants and he wants Esperanze. With the recent poisonings and deaths throughout the pack, Nikan wants to ensure that the woman, who would one day be his mate and bond-mate, was well guarded and protected. Suspecting the Antiparanormal League is responsible for the series of deaths, Nikan acted as Essy’s personal bodyguard for the weekend conference in DC.

Esperanze was hoping to meet up with her former university professor and friend. Once human, Antoine now enjoyed the life of a vampire. Turned by a former lover, Antoine was a keynote speaker for the conference whose attendees were of the supernatural persuasion. Although she was surprised that Nikan would be attending, she was more surprised when she realized he had plans to make their friendship more permanent. But before anything could happen, Essy and Nikan would find themselves involved in a game of life and death, when Antoine is found beaten and his human girlfriend is held hostage until Antoine comes through for a couple of rogue wolves. But what they want from Antoine is something he is reluctant to give but has been forced into submission by the people holding his friend hostage.

Nikan has known for a while that Esperanze was his mate. But the shy and quiet young shifter had suffered several losses when her sister and cousin were among the wolves who had been poisoned. With close to two dozen pack members now dead, including all of the males, Nikan was not taking any chances with Essy. He wanted to claim her as his mate, and the conference in DC was the perfect opportunity, but fate had other plans. Following the rescue of Antoine’s friend, Nikan arranged for a secluded getaway that would hopefully culminate in the mating he had so long been hoping.

LOVER’S INSTINCT is a quick read that also pre-quels into Katie’s next full length release PRIMAL POSSESSION to be released in September 2012. The character of Nikan is all male, all alpha, and guardian and warrior. The relationship between Esperanze and Nikan had begun as friendship, but a wolf always knows when he has found his mate. Lover’s Instinct is a wonderful storyline, fast paced and full of adventure that ends with a cliff hanger and the introduction to Katie’s next story.

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Reviewed by Sandy


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  1. thanks for this review, sandy. i have to look into this series. i have some books i bought that i have not read yet. not sure if i bought the first book or not. very far behind.

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