Manaconda (Hammered #1) by Cari Quinn and Taryn Elliott-a review

MANACONDA (Hammered #1) by Cari Quinn and Taryn Elliott-a review

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ABOUT THE BOOK: Release Date January 19, 2016

My name is Hunter Jordan, lead singer of Hammered and no, I didn’t name my c*ck Manaconda.

Rolling Stone did.

On the front cover of their damn magazine.

I still haven’t lived it down. And now our record label wants to maximize the frenzy.
So, I have a brand new PR person–Kennedy McManus.

And she’s making me insane.

I don’t know whether to ignore her, yell at her, or push her up against the wall and kiss her smart mouth shut.

BEYOND OBLIVION – A Rockstar Romance full of sexy fun set within the world of our Lost in Oblivion series! You never know who you’ll see show up in the books.

**** Warning: book does end on a cliffhanger ****


REVIEW: MANACONDA is the first installment in Cari Quinn and Taryn Elliott’s contemporary, adult HAMMERED erotic, rock romance series focusing on the rock band Hammered. This is lead singer Hunter Jordan, and PR expert Kennedy McManus’s story line. HAMMERED is a spin off series from Quinn and Elliot’s LOST IN OBLIVION rock romance series. You do not have to have read LOST IN OBLIVION to follow MANACONDA. Several of the characters from the original series cross over with cameo appearances.

NOTE: MANACONDA ends on a cliffhanger but MANACONDA : The Second Coming is scheduled for release January 26, 2016-and it’s FREE.

Told from dual first person points of view (Kennedy and Hunter) MANACONDA focuses on Kennedy’s attempts to keep the band-HAMMERED-on track when their lead singer’s ‘junk’ becomes the topic of paparazzi magazines, television gossip shows, and the cover of Rolling Stone magazine. Hunter Jordan is a rock-god, at the top of his game with a new album, a new tour, and every woman and man’s fantasy come to life but this kind of ‘publicity’ he could do without. Enter Kennedy McManus, Ripper Records’s latest PR princess (spin doctor), and the woman who calls to Hunter’s heart. But Hunter is having a difficult time letting go of the past when his ex-fiancee has an agenda of her own.

MANACONDA is a rock star romance with all of the gritty backstage drama you would expect from a rock star band. The ‘over the top’ antics, rivalries and jealous mind games begin to cast doubts between one time friends, and members of the band leaving Kennedy with her hands full on more than one occasion. But a second chance comes with a heavy heart when Hunter continues to fight for what is no longer his to claim. The jealous mind is no competition for a broken heart.

We are introduced to the members of the band: drummer Hudson Wyatt; Faith (Keys) Keystone; bassist Owen Blackwell; guitarists Reed (Bats) Mason, and Zach; and head of security Patrick; as well as Hunter’s brother Noah Jordan, and the band’s manager Indiana (Indie) West. Donovan Lewis and Lila Shawcross (from Lost in Oblivion) make cameo appearances, and Dex Munroe another executive for Ripper Records.

MANACONDA has a little bit of everything: fun, flirty foreplay; sexual tension and impassioned $ex. There are moments of chocolate fun, and garlic filled humor that are lick-worthy from every angle. The premise is addicting, intoxicating and hopeful; the characters are colorful, passionate and intense; the romance is seductive and heartbreaking. The happily ever after has yet to be fulfilled.

Copy supplied by Author’s Pal

Reviewed by Sandy


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