MARK OF THE WITCH (Portal #1) by Maggie Shayne – a review

MARK OF THE WITCH (Portal #1) by Maggie Shayne-a review

MARK OF THE WITCH by Maggie Shayne

MARK OF THE WITCH is the first full-length novel (October 2012 release) in Maggie Shayne’s new Portal series. The series focuses on three witch sisters who were sentenced death over 3500 years ago, promising they would return. Mark of the Witch is Indira’s story. The story switches between Indy’s first person POV and third person.

Indira’s nightmares were becoming worse. Three sisters accused of witchcraft in ancient Babylon were executed along with the youngest sister’s lover, and Indy continued to relive the experience night after night until finally she would awaken with ‘marks’ and a fading tattoo. Hoping to find an answer, Indy, a former wiccan, sought council with her best friend, wiccan high priestess and partner in a Manhattan law firm Rayne Blackwood. On her way home from a protection ceremony, Indy would find herself batter and bruised in her own bed without any knowledge of what had happened.

Father Tomas was 29 years old and had reached a crisis of faith. His mentor Father Dom told of the prophecy of the return of the Demon from the Underworld on Samhain Eve and Father Dom believed that he and Tomas had to find the witches who would release the Demon from his prison. But when Tomas found the witch, something familiar fell into place as though he knew her from before. And he could not believe that this beautiful woman would cause the destruction of the world.

Indy’s nightmares and visions were becoming a reality. During the day she would find herself having visions only to awake with more markings and ancient script across her body. And now there were images of others, her ‘sister’ Lilia with messages to remember-to help him. And Father Tomas was now ‘witness’ to her daily traumas and their aftermath. Hoping to help Indy, Father Tomas took her to New York only to find Father Dom had plans of his own. Father Dom believed Indy had made a pact with the Demon. But Indy’s visions would reveal that she and Tomas has a connection in a previous life. Knowing someone who could help with the cryptic messages, Tomas took Indy to a friend at Cornell.

Rayne would once again come into play, when Indy asked for help. A surprising twist would force Indy to look closely at her friends and she believes that Tomas has lied to and betrayed her. Keeping a journal was Rayne’s idea and before long Indy would put all of her visions and dreams to paper. But a walk to the lake would bring Indy one step closer to the portal and possibly one step closer to Tomas and the truth about the identity of the Demon behind the portal.

MARK OF THE WITCH is a passionate storyline about lost love, sacrifice and the redemption. Maggie Shayne blends Christian dictates, wiccan rituals and the power of love to bring about a storyline that will fascinate anyone who believes.

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Reviewed by Sandy


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