Meeting His Match by Shannyn Schroeder – a Review

Meeting His Match by Shannyn Schroeder – a Review


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Malcolm “Mac” Sterling has one goal: take over the family matchmaking business. His final obstacle? Host his family’s new dating show and prove he can help each contestant find true love. One catch. Mac’s meddling mother has approved a co-host, a so-called expert who seems impervious to his charms. Now he could lose everything, because if his co-host proves she’s the better matchmaker, he can say goodbye to his legacy.

Natalie “Gem” Hale never intended for her alter ego as an online dating expert to get her the opportunity of a lifetime—or for that opportunity to come with a co-host who’s as infuriating as he is tempting. But she didn’t get this far by backing down from a challenge. All she has to do is keep her secret identity a secret.

Except as sparks fly and the competition heats up, Mac realizes his co-host is hiding something. He’s just got to figure out what.




Meeting his Match by Shannyn Schroeder is a sweet fun romance that is a stand alone novel.

We meet our hero, Mac Sterling, as he is complaining to his mother, Gail and his best friend Paul.  Mac is not happy that he has to compete in a new television dating show.  Seems his mother has arranged for an internet sensation to be the co-host, with winner take all.  Mac needs to prove to his mother that he can help each contestant find a true love match.  Mac’s family owns a successful matchmaking business, which Mac feels he is ready to take over the business, since his mother is hinting at retirement.  But now he has to compete, and win against someone who has no matchmaking experience.

Natalie Hale, our heroine, uses her alter-ego name of Gem, when she posts video’s of her dating experiences, and gives advice.  Natalie is an out of work, librarian, and needs the money to hold her over until she gets another job.  Natalie is the conservative studious librarian, and Gem, is the one who has all the fun, and is totally liberated. It is Gem, who applies and gets the job as the co-host. 

When they first meet, Mac and Natalie do not really get along, and act the part of competitors, especially when disagreeing on how their chosen candidates should act.  The producers are thrilled to get scenes of them arguing, and want more of the same.  Slowly, both begin to feel an attraction to each other, which they desperately try to avoid.   Mac is also hell bent on finding out who Gem really is, as he knows it is only the internet persona. 

What follows is a fun romance, as we get to see the ladies that each of them will train, and help them with matchmaking skills.  This will bring them together, and in time, they will both tell each other about their lives; Mac fighting to win control of the company and Natalie expressing her true side, the quiet and smart young lady, whom Mac is really falling in love with.  Both Mac and Natalie were great and had wonderful chemistry together.  I loved watching how they worked with the three girls.  A lot of fun.

Meeting His Match was a fun, quick, sweet story, a wonderful sexy couple, with a matchmaking tv show background.  I really enjoyed this book, which is no surprise, as I have come to expect that from Shannyn Schroeder.  If you enjoy light hearted, sexy romances, I suggest you read Meeting His Match.

Reviewed by Barb

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